What is the order of Tana French books?

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What is the order of Tana French books?

Here they all are, in order of publication, just in case you want to chain read them all, back-to-back.

  • In the Woods.
  • The Likeness.
  • Faithful Place.
  • Broken Harbour.
  • The Secret Place.
  • The Trespasser.

Do you need to read Tana French books in order?

You can read them in publication order, but it is not an obligation. It is sometimes recommended to read “In The Woods” and “The Likeness” later in the series. Reading them together is better, but the first one is the most divisive book in the series. So, you can pass them to go to “Faithful Place” or “Broken Harbour”.

Where do I start with Tana French?

Where to Start With Tana French

  • The Likeness. Tana French.
  • Faithful Place. Tana French.
  • The Secret Place. Tana French.
  • The Trespasser. Tana French.
  • Broken Harbor. Tana French.
  • In the Woods. Tana French.
  • The Witch Elm. Tana French.
  • The Searcher. Tana French.

Is The Likeness by Tana French a sequel?

Faithful Place
The Likeness/Followed by

What is Tana French’s most popular book?

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  • The Secret Place (2014) This is the novel that saw French start to broaden her horizons past telling stories from the police perspective.
  • Faithful Place (2010)
  • The Searcher (2020)
  • The Witch Elm (2018)
  • Broken Harbor (2012)
  • The Likeness (2008)
  • In The Woods (2007)

What actually happened to Peter and Jamie in the woods?

— Mick panics, eventually kills Jamie + Peter, dumps their bodies in the river at some point. Adam feels he betrayed his friends by leaving them behind. He’s also too scared to risk meeting Mad Mick again, so he hides in the woods rather than looking for help.

Is Tana French a woman?

Tana French, born 1973 in Burlington, Vermont, is an American-Irish writer and theatrical actress. She is a longtime resident of Dublin, Ireland….

Tana French
Born May 10, 1973 Burlington, Vermont, United States
Nationality American
Alma mater Trinity College
Occupation Novelist

Does Rob Ryan appear in other Tana French books?

Continuity. Cassie Maddox was a character in French’s 2007 In the Woods. Her partner in In the Woods, Adam “Rob” Ryan, is mentioned briefly in The Likeness. Frank Mackey appears in French’s later novels Faithful Place (2010) and The Secret Place (2014).

What happened to Rob Ryan in the woods?

In 1984, Rob’s two best friends went missing in the woods around Knocknaree. They were never found, but the young Adam Ryan was, complete with broken fingernails, bloodstained socks, and a t-shirt with “four parallel tears” (1.12).

What happened to Peter at the end of the novel Number the Stars?

Peter Neilsen has been killed. He was caught and jailed by the Nazis, then shot in a public square. The night before he died, Peter wrote to the Johansens saying he was proud, and not afraid. Peter asked to be buried with Lise, but the Nazis would not return his body.

What is the most popular mystery book?

The 30 Best Mystery Books of All Time

  1. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.
  2. The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler.
  3. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.
  4. The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M.
  5. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.
  6. Woman in White by Wilkie Collins.
  7. Anatomy of a Murder by Robert Traver.