What is the expense ratio of TSP funds?

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What is the expense ratio of TSP funds?

Administrative and investment expenses

G Fund F Fund S Fund
Net administrative expense ratio
0.049% 0.048% 0.049%
Investment expense ratio
0.000% 0.012% 0.019%

What is the best fund for Thrift Savings Plan?

TSP Allocation Strategies 2021 – The Best Out There

  • The F Fund – The Fixed Income Investment Fund.
  • The C Fund – The Common Stock Index Investment Fund.
  • The S Fund – The Small Capitalization Stock Index Investment Fund.
  • The I Fund – The International Stock Index Investment Fund.
  • The L Funds – Lifecycle Funds.

Is TSP cheaper than Vanguard?

Fortunately, the TSP has among the lowest fees of any investment platform in the world. Their expense ratio is among the lowest in the world at 0.07% per year, which is still almost double what the TSP charges. Vanguard’s cheapest stock-only fund charges just 0.04%, and their target date funds charge as high as 0.16%.

What are the 5 TSP funds?

The TSP Lifecycle Funds are target retirement date funds, invested in a professionally designed mix of the five individual TSP funds (G, F, C, S, and I Fund).

Which is better C fund or S fund?

As of December 31, 2020, the S Fund outperformed the C Fund over the last 1, 3, 5, 15 and 20 year periods. The C Fund outperformed by a small amount over the last 10 years. Despite the S Fund’s historical record of outperforming C, TSP participants invest three times as much in the C Fund as the S Fund.

Can I transfer my TSP to Vanguard?

It’s much less expensive, and you can keep your money in the TSP if that’s what you and your advisor choose. They have no incentive to talk you out of the TSP. A second alternative is to roll over the TSP to an IRA at Vanguard. You can let Vanguard manage your investments for just 0.30% a year.

Can you lose money in the TSP G fund?

With the TSP G Fund you can earn medium to long-term interest rates with no risk of losing your money, regardless of how long you keep the investment.

How many TSP is a millionaire?

Good news: There are 98,879 federal TSP millionaires! Bad news: Too many people know it! The number of federal/postal workers who have become Thrift Savings Plan millionaires has skyrocketed in recent years.

What’s the expense ratio of Thrift Savings Plan?

In comparison to similar funds outside the TSP, the available investments within the Thrift Savings Plan have expenses that are considerably low, but this is still a 30% uptick from the annual expense ratio from the previous year, which was 5.8 basis points.

What’s the average expense ratio of a TSP fund?

The FRTIB announced in November 2020 that the average annual expense ratio across the TSP funds will be 7.6 basis points (or, 0.076% of the invested amount that the accountholder pays TSP for managing the investments.)

Which is better Vanguard or Thrift Savings Plan?

Since the TSP offers the lowest cost funds available anywhere, it provides a slightly better value than Vanguard. (The TSP is almost certainly a better value than the second employer’s 401 (k) plans, which on average have expenses 30 to 40 times worse than the TSP; see fees .)

How does the C fund work in Thrift Savings Plan?

The C Fund holds all the stocks included in the S&P 500 Index in virtually the same weights that they have in the index. The performance of the C Fund is evaluated on the basis of how closely its returns match those of the S&P 500 Index.