What is the code for the storage locker in Doom 3?

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What is the code for the storage locker in Doom 3?

Doom 3 BFG Storage Locker Codes

Locker Unlock Code
023 531
038 409
064 651
079 364

How do you get into Alpha Labs Doom 3?

ALPHA LABS MAIN JUNCTION To the left is a hall with a locked door and a couple of Z-SECS. Down the hall to the right you’ll enter the HYDROCON OBSERVATION area with two maggots. Run through the hall, going through a couple of rooms to reach the ALPHA LABS SECTOR JUNCTION.

What happens if you cancel the transmission in Doom 3?

If the marine chooses to cancel the transmission, Swann will praise you, stating that they need to keep this place sealed off from the outside. He then tells you to meet up with him and Campbell at the Monorail entrance.

Where is the BFG in Doom 3?

The BFG-9000 appears in both of the expansions for Doom 3: In Resurrection of Evil, the BFG is first available under the monorail tracks after returning to Phobos Labs after shutting down the life support systems.

How do I get out of EPD Lab Doom 3?

With him dead, move over to the EPD laser and wait for it to deactivate. You need to quickly run down the length of the hall down which the beam fires, and duck down to enter the small shaft at the end.

How many levels are in Doom 3?

Difficulty. There are four difficulty levels in Doom 3: Recruit, Marine, Veteran, and Nightmare. The first three are always available.

Is the Super Shotgun in Doom 3?

The Super Shotgun cannot be found in Doom 3 but in its expansion pack, Resurrection of Evil, and the BFG Edition exclusive campaign, Lost Mission.

Is BFG in Doom Eternal?

In Doom Eternal you’ll get the BF in the mission Mars Core, which is about half the way through the game. The Mars Core level is a long one with multiple stages but you’ll get the BFG during the ‘Shoot a hole in Mars’ section where you – surprise – shoot a hole in Mars. Yes, the actual planet.

Is Doom 3 the same Doomguy?

Doom’s protagonist (Our HeroSpace Marine, Doom Marine/DOOM Marine or Doom Slayer, but often called Doomguy by fans, or just “Marine”) represents the player’s characters of Doom and its sequels or offshoots, who are also referred to as the Doom marine or the Marine (the latter especially in Doom 3), as well as our hero …

Can you open a locker in Doom 3?

If not then you should know that you would not be able to open any storage lockers or sealed areas without lockers codes in Doom 3. The majority of heavy weapons in Doom 3 are locked up, so the more Doom 3 locker codes you have the better equipped the marine becomes.

What are the door codes for Doom 3?

Delta Labs – Level 2B #103 – 259 #216 – 624 #217 – 624 #213 – 371 #666 – 372 Storage Area 07 – 725 Martian Buddy cabinet – 0508 Final room with archvile – 463 Delta Labs – Level 3 #386 – 836 #387 – 836 #317 – 841 Delta Labs – Level 4 #104 – 579 Central Processing: Processing Distribution Center #452 – 571 Lab A Door – 627 #669 – 468

What are all the levels in Doom 3?

Delta Labs Level 2B: delta2b.map Delta Labs Level 3: delta3.map Delta Labs Level 4: delta4.map Hell: hell.map Delta Complex: delta5.map CPU Complex: cpu1.map Central Processing: cpuboss.map Site 3: site3.map Caverns Area 1: caverns1.map

Where do you get full armor in Doom 3?

All Weapons, Full Health, Full Armor: give all Mars City: marscity1.map Mars City Underground: mcunderground.map Mars City Revisited: marscity2.map Administration: admin.map Alpha Labs Sector 1: alpha1.map Alpha Labs Sector 2: alpha2.map Alpha Labs Sector 3: alpha3.map Alpha Labs Sector 4: alpha4.map EnPro Plant: enpro.map