What is the best nature for Tentacruel?

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What is the best nature for Tentacruel?


Item Black Sludge Each turn, if holder is a Poison type, restores 1/16 max HP; loses 1/8 if not.
Ability Rain Dish If Rain Dance is active, this Pokemon heals 1/16 of its max HP each turn.
Nature Timid
EVs 252 HP 72 Def 184 Spe

Is Tentacruel a physical or special attacker?

Prevents other Pokemon from lowering this Pokemon’s stat stages….Defensive.

Type Normal
Category Physical
Power 20 BP
Accuracy 100%

Is Tentacruel a good Pokémon in Emerald?

All around tentacruel is a very good Pokémon. Tentacruel has a very good special defense stat of 120, a good 100 base speed for his defensive power and a good defensive typing.

Is Tentacruel any good?

Great League: 3 / 5 Tentacruel has a niche as a unique anti-meta specialist, sporting above average bulk, and a defensive Water/Poison typing. Access to very hard-hitting charge moves makes Tentacruel very threatening, though only when shields are down.

What nature is best for Gyarados?

Best Nature for Gyarados

Best Natures
Jolly (Speed↑ Sp. Atk↓) Impish (Def↑ Sp. Atk↓) Adamant (Atk↑Sp. Atk↓)

Is there a mega Tentacruel?

Pokemon 8073 Mega Tentacruel Pokedex: Evolution, Moves, Location, Stats.

Is Tentacruel good in PVP?

The best moves for Tentacruel are Poison Jab and Hydro Pump when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

What level should I evolve Tentacool?

Tentacool (Japanese: メノクラゲ Menokurage) is a dual-type Water/Poison Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Tentacruel starting at level 30.

What’s the best thing to use on Tentacruel?

Acid Spray can be used to punish setup sweepers and slower Pokemon such as Alomomola for coming in on Tentacruel, but it is generally not as good or consistent as the options listed on the set. Hidden Power Fire is a viable option to beat Roost Scizor in a one-on-one situation but is generally useless otherwise.

What kind of Pokemon is a Tentacruel in Pokemon Go?

Summary Tentacruel is a Water & Poison Pokémon which evolves from Tentacool. It is vulnerable to Ground, Psychic and Electric moves. “Tentacruel has large red orbs on its head. The orbs glow before lashing the vicinity with a harsh ultrasonic blast.

Is there a substitute for Tentacruel in Smogon?

However, Substitute means Tentacruel can not harm Water-immune Pokemon and also makes it totally useless against a healthy Jellicent. The given Speed EVs with a Timid nature allow Tentacruel to outspeed every Pokemon up to Jolly Landorus-T, including all Mamoswine and all non-Choice Scarf Excadrill.

Is it possible to Ko a Tentacruel in rain?

Tentacruel finds its niche as a utility Pokemon on rain teams. Thanks to its good typing, decent stats, and fantastic ability in Rain Dish, Tentacruel is nearly impossible to KO in rain and can check the Pokemon it is supposed to throughout long matches while providing Rapid Spin support and spreading status.