What is the Bengals Ring of Honor?

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What is the Bengals Ring of Honor?

Now the “two Ken’s” will join them. The Ring of Honor was created to honor former players, coaches and individuals who have played a significant role in the franchise’s history and tradition. It will be displayed on the East facade inside Paul Brown Stadium and live on Bengals digital channels.

Do the Bengals have a Ring of Honor?

“The Ring of Honor is the Mount Rushmore for the Bengals. It’s incredible for my father to be included in the inaugural class,” said Riley’s son, Ken Riley II. “To be recognized by the fans, that makes it even more special.

Is Ring of Honor wrestling fake?

Ring of Honor Wrestling Entertainment, LLC, known simply as Ring of Honor (ROH), is an American professional wrestling promotion based in Baltimore, Maryland. Ring of Honor has been considered a major wrestling promotion in the United States (alongside WWE, All Elite Wrestling and Impact Wrestling).

How many Dallas Cowboys are in the Ring of Honor?

20 members
20 members of the Dallas Cowboys organization have earned membership into the team’s Ring of Honor.

What does Roh stand for?


Acronym Definition
ROH Ring of Honor (wrestling organization)
ROH Royal Opera House
ROH Alcohol (chemistry)
ROH Region of Homozygosity (genomes)

Who is the CEO of Ring of Honor?

Ring of Honor (ROH) is an American independent promotion. It was created in 2002 by Rob Feinstein. 2004 – 2011 it was owned by Cary Silkin. It is now owned by Sinclair Broadcasting Group.

Why did Jerry Jones fire?

Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones mutually agreed to split due largely to their growing inability to work together. Johnson’s relationship with Jones began to fall apart in 1993. It started with Jones wanting more say in player personnel decisions.

What does Roh hotel mean?

run of house
A run of house (ROH) room type is the most common or standard room category in a hotel, featuring basic amenities. When you select a run of house room, the actual room is determined by the hotel, according to availability, at the time of check-in. Create multiple ROH room types.

Is Roh an alcohol?

An alcohol molecule has the general formula ROH where R is an alkyl group, O is an oxygen atom and H is a hydrogen atom. “Alcohol” is sometimes used to refer to one specific alcohol, ethanol (also known as ethyl alcohol). See below for further information. Phenols have a similar formula, ROH, but R is an aryl group.