What is Romblon famous for?

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What is Romblon famous for?

Romblon is known for its local marble industry and is the second biggest producer of the mineral in the country. It is also increasingly become known as a tourist destination because of its unspoiled beaches and Spanish-era twin forts.

Is Romblon a city?

Its main islands include Tablas, the largest, which covers nine municipalities, Sibuyan with its three towns, as well as the smaller island municipalities of Corcuera, Banton, Concepcion, San Jose, and Romblon, the provincial capital….

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• Municipalities show 17

Is Romblon part of Palawan?

Administrative divisions

Province or HUC Population (2015)
Palawan 28.7%
Romblon 9.9%
Puerto Princesa 8.6%

How do you get to Romblon?


  1. Fly into Tablas and then catch a ferry to Romblon Island.
  2. Catch a ferry from Tablas or Sibuyan Island.
  3. From Manila, you can take an overnight ferry to Tablas and then a ferry to Romblon.

What is the famous product of Romblon?

Rice, coconut and abaca are major products of the small farms on the islands. Fishermen harvest the bounty of the surrounding seas. Romblon is famous for its traditional weaving and basketry.

What language is spoken in Romblon?

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Bantoanon or Asi is a regional Bisayan language spoken, along with Romblomanon and Onhan, in the province of Romblon, Philippines.

What are the festival in Romblon?

Talabukon Festival is a religious celebration in the municipality of Looc, Romblon province, Philippines, held during the 3rd week of April.

How much is the fare from Manila to Romblon?

1. From Manila, take a bus bound for Batangas Port. Travel time is about 2 hours and fare is around 130.00 pesos.

What is the festival in Romblon?

Biniray Festival of Romblon is held every 2nd week of January to pay tribute to Sto. Nino de Romblon. Various fun-filled activities are lined up to showcase the rich culture and Christian faith of Romblomanons. The festival features a fluvial parade with the image of Sto.

Where is the oldest city in the Philippines?

Q: What is the oldest place in the Philippines? A: Cebu is said to be the country’s oldest city. It was the first Spanish settlement and the first capital of the Philippines and the city is considered the birthplace of Christianity in the Far East.

What are the three main languages in Romblon?

This language is classified as Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Greater Central Philippine, Central Philippine, Bisayan, Central, Romblon. There are three dialects for this language: Sibuyanon, Romblon, and Bisaya’.

Is Romblon a Ilonggo?

Hiligaynon, also called Ilongo, or Panayan, fourth largest ethnolinguistic group of the Philippines, living on Panay, western Negros, southern Mindoro, Tablas, Romblon, Sibuyan, Guimaras, and northwestern Masbate.

What to do in Romblon on Northern Luzon?

This tour combines a five-day Northern Luzon tour with a subsequent trip to Romblon Island. You will experience the rice terraces in Banaue and Batad, the hanging coffins of Sagada and Baguio City on Luzon. Romblon offers beautiful beaches, along with incredible island adventures.

Where was the city of Romblon located in the Philippines?

Romblon Country Philippines Region Mimaropa Founded March 16, 1901 Capital Romblon

What kind of environment does Romblon Island have?

Romblon, particularly Sibuyan Island, is among the few places in the Philippines with a well-preserved natural environment. Uninterrupted rainforest covers 75 percent of the island.

What are the names of the islands in Romblon Bay?

The municipality consists primarily of Romblon Island, as well as the smaller Alad, Cobrador, and Logbon Islands. The municipality is situated along the coast of Romblon Bay, a natural harbor and safe haven for ships passing in the area during inclement weather.