What is revenue Code 510 used for?

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What is revenue Code 510 used for?

This is correct coding for physicians who practice in a “provider based” outpatient location, i.e. a location that is owned and operated by a hospital. The revenue code 510 is for the facility costs including the use of the space, materials and staff.

What is revenue Code 636?

Facilities report separately payable HCPCS codes under revenue code 636 (drugs with detailed coding) to ensure that they receive reimbursement. CMS uses HCPCS-coded drugs to establish the percentage of payment added to the average sales price to cover pharmacy overhead and expenses.

What is revenue Code 1002?

Revenue Code. 1002. Partial Day: Half Day Outpatient. Revenue Codes. 0906, 0910 and/or 0914.

What is a revenue code on a claim?

Revenue codes are three-digit codes that affect reimbursement and represent the services provided by the ASC facility for a payer. When revenue codes are listed on claim forms, they are listed with a leading zero, making them four digits.

What is the difference between REV code 250 and 636?

A: Many facilities report packaged drugs under revenue code 250 regardless of whether an applicable HCPCS code exists. CMS has recommended that facility providers report all drugs with a HCPCS code under revenue code 636 to better capture actual pharmacy overhead cost through claims data.

What is CPT code H0015?

For procedure code H0015, Alcohol and/or drug services; intensive outpatient (treatment program that operates at least 3 hours/day and at least 3 days/week and is based on an individualized treatment plan), including assessment, counseling; crisis intervention, and activity therapies or education BCBSWY has updated our …

What is the revenue code for H0018?

2021 HCPCS Code H0018 : Behavioral health; short-term residential (non-hospital residential treatment program), without room and board, per diem.

What are rev codes used for?

Revenue codes are 4-digit numbers that are used on hospital bills to tell the insurance companies either where the patient was when they received treatment, or what type of item a patient might have received as a patient. A medical claim will not be paid if this is missing from a bill.