What is Prominence cleaner used for?

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What is Prominence cleaner used for?

Prominence Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner is a highly effective cleaner designed to remove soils and oils without dulling or altering the appearance of your floor.

How do you use prominence floor cleaner?

Daily Cleaning: Dilute 1:512 with cold water. Scrub floor with cleaning solution and appropriate pad. Pick-up soil and excess cleaner with a tightly wrung-out mop. Deep Scrubbing: Dilute 1:256 with cold water.

Is stride cleaner a disinfectant?

Stride Citrus neutral cleaner is a non-alkaline formulation for everyday cleaning of floors and other hard services….Spray & Wipe.

Brand Diversey
Application floors, restrooms, walls
Applicator autoscrubber, mop and bucket, spray bottle
Dilution Rate 1:375, 1:750
Disinfectant No

What is the chemical stride used for?

Stride® Citrus Neutral Cleaner is a non-alkaline formulation for everyday cleaning of floors and other hard services.

What is Spitfire cleaner used for?

Super-strength formula eliminates grease, petroleum and food soils. This powerful cleaner works on the toughest dirt, grime and stains on a wide variety of surfaces. Lightly scented and pleasant to use, this no-rinse formula leaves no residue.

Can I use Spitfire on carpet?

Spitfire blasts away oily, dirty, greasy carpet spots instantly. The “shoot from the hip” high-pressure blast eliminates scrubbing and kneeling, making the most stubborn carpet stains disappear without the elbow grease.

Is Spitfire cleaner safe?

About this product Spitfire® Professional All Purpose Power Cleaner is safe, powerful and gets the job done when other cleaners can’t. Removes ink, crayon, marker, adhesive, gum, food soils, scuff marks, grease, oil and daily soil buildup from any washable surface.