What is Orunmila in Yoruba?

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What is Orunmila in Yoruba?

Orunmila is the Yoruba deity of wisdom, knowledge, and omniscience who is also known by several cognomens that further highlight his nature and role in the Yoruba pantheon. Orunmila is one of the major orisa or IrunMole in the Yoruba pantheon, and indeed he is considered the spokesperson for all orisa.

Who is Orisha Orunmila?

Orunmila is the orisha of wisdom, knowledge and divination. He was given the knowledge of Olodumare. Orunmila was the very first Babalawo to speak the wisdom of Olodumare on earth, he used this wisdom to help humanity to understand themselves and their destinies here on earth.

What is the story of Orunmila?

The story of Orunmila is as follows: “Orunmila had once lived on earth and aided mankind with his infinite wisdom. But as a result of an offense committed by one of his sons, the old god left the world of men and returned to the realm of the gods. Disorder and despair spread across the earth.

Is IFA a god?

Ifa (Orunmila), god of divination, fate, and wisdom, informs mortals of the wishes of Olorun, the sky god, the god of destiny; he was appointed by the supreme god to protect and rule the people. Ifa has an attendant, Odu, and a messenger, Opele. Ifa, the oracle of divination, is named after the deity who controls it.

What does IFA mean in Yoruba?

The word Ifa refers to the mystical figure Ifa or Orunmila, regarded by the Yoruba as the deity of wisdom and intellectual development.

How many Yoruba gods are there?

There are at least 401 recognized Orisha, or gods, in the Yoruba pantheon. Many of these Orisha are localized ancestral spirits or nature gods and are worshiped in relatively small areas.

What is the name of orunmila wife?

An Apetibi is considered a wife of Orunmila or a Babalawo.

Who do the Yoruba worship?

The Yoruba people believe that the orishas were sent by Olodumare, who is considered the Supreme God, to populate the Earth. Oshun, being one of the original 17 sent to Earth, was the only female deity. The other gods, all male, failed at their attempts to revive and populate the Earth.

Why is the Orunmila important to the Yoruba religion?

Orunla has the accumulated knowledge of the secret things of the human being and nature, as well as knowledge on the history of the humanity. In the human plane it represents the spiritualities of all the Awó of Orunmila. He is the governing Orisha and interpreter of the Odun of Ifá Oracle.

Who is Orunmila and what does he do?

Description of Orunmila: Orunmila is an Orisha. He is the great benefactor of the humanity and his main advisor. He reveals the future through the secrets of Ifa, the supreme oracle.

Who is the god of knowledge in Yoruba mythology?

One of the Orishas, he’s a very useful spirit of knowledge. He has his own priests known as Babalawo. They are equipped with divining chains, but how these work is something you will have to ask them. GodNote: Sorry this Orunmila article is a bit short. We have sent our Data Dwarves off to find more nuggets of information. Updates coming soon.

Why was Orunmila given the knowledge of Olodumare?

He was given the knowledge of Olodumare which is encoded into the 256 odus of Ifa: the word of Ifa is the word of God, and it covers every possible calamity of humankind and how to avoid them, how to live well and in peace. These trials can come through our own choice of destiny, and also by our own actions or in-actions.