What is Morticia Addams name?

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What is Morticia Addams name?

Morticia’s maiden name is “Frump” and she has an older sister named Ophelia (also played by Carolyn Jones, in the original TV series). In the television series, her mother (Uncle Fester’s sister) was named Hester Frump (played by Margaret Hamilton). Her mother-in-law is Grandmama Addams.

What does Morticia call Gomez?

Morticia’s pet names for Gomez generally meaning “Darling”/”My Darling” are “Bubeleh” (Yiddish), “Mon Cher” (French), “Mon Amour” (French), Querido (Spanish).

What is Pugsley Addams real name?

James Christopher Workman
James Christopher Workman (born October 4, 1980) is an American retired child actor whose roles include Pugsley Addams in The Addams Family (1991) and Addams Family Values (1993)….Filmography.

Year 1991–1993
Title Saturday Night Live
Role Pugsley Addams/Max
Notes Episodes: #17.9, #19.7

Where is the Addams Family from?

Westfield, New Jersey
Charles Addams was first inspired by his hometown of Westfield, New Jersey, an area full of ornate Victorian mansions and archaic graveyards. In the original comics series they live in a gothic house on Cemetery Ridge.

What does Cara Mia mean in French?

What does Cara Mia mean in French? It is, in fact, the Italian Cara Mia, which means My Dear Moricias.

Is Morticia a vampire?

In the films, she’s portrayed with a ghostly glow around the eyes, but that’s not exactly a sign of vampires. If anything supernatural is afoot, Morticia might be seen as a witch, but there’s no real evidence she’s a vampire.

Who is the oldest Addams child?

Pugsley is the oldest child of Morticia and Gomez Addams. He is a young boy (his age is given as eight years old in the pilot episode but is changed to 10 years old in the second episode) who is almost always seen wearing a striped T-shirt and shorts.

Is Wednesday Addams older than Pugsley?

She is the sister of Pugsley Addams (and, in the movie Addams Family Values, also the sister of Pubert Addams), and she is the only daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams. In earlier adaptations she is the younger sister of Pugsley, and in later adaptations she becomes the older one.

How did the Addams Family get rich?

Much of their wealth is due to the business activities of Gomez Addams. The character is portrayed as being heavily invested in Wall Street, and owning multiple businesses around the world. This includes a uranium mine, an exotic animal farm, a salt mine, and even a factory that manufactures tombstones.

Who are the members of the Addams Family?

A member of the Addams Family who is only a hand (film continuity) or only a hand and forearm (TV series continuity). The bald, crazy uncle who has quite an electric personality. The black haired daughter in the Addams Family who carries around a headless doll named Mary Antoinette.

Who was professor Simms in the Addams Family?

Incensed, Gomez hires Mr. Pomeroy’s genealogist, Professor Simms, to examine the Addams’ family tree for ancestors to flaunt at them. In the interim, Mr. Pomeroy completely changes his manner due to oil he thinks he’s found on land owned by Gomez.

Who was Uncle Fester in the Addams Family?

Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester) Of all the cast members of The Addams Family, it would seem that Jackie, who played Uncle Fester, had in many ways the most challenging life, but somehow managed to keep pushing forward. He was born John Leslie Coogan on October 26, 1914 in Los Angeles.

What was the name of Pubert’s cousin in the Addams Family?

Pubert was changed to Pugsley but resurfaced later as the name of the new Addams baby in Addams Family Values. The hairy Cousin Itt was created by the show’s producer, David Levy.