What is Magne-Traction on snowboards?

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What is Magne-Traction on snowboards?

Magne-traction is simply a wavvy edged snowboard instead of the classically straight, traditional snowboard edge. Although magne-traction is now used as a general term for any snowboard edge having waves, the true Magne-Traction edge has seven bumps or ‘teeth’.

Is Magne-Traction good?

You can go faster, with more control and comfort. Riders who detune their edges for sliding rails and boxes love Magne-Traction because even when heavily detuned the Mag bumps still dig in and hold the edge. The Magne-Traction snowboards are great for halfpipes too.

Can you sharpen Magne-Traction?

Registered. earl_je said: its a pain in the ass, but it can still be done with a regular sharpening tool.

What is Lib Tech Magne-Traction?

Ski Technology Pioneered by Lib Tech, our patented Magne-Traction® serrated edge technology increases edge hold power and makes our skis feel 10mm narrower on hardpack allowing you to push your skiing to new levels. Magne-Traction reduces fatigue, builds confidence and makes skiing easier.

What is the edge of a snowboard called?

Each snowboard has a metal edge that travels around the base of the board. This allows you to dig into the snow while making turns. The edge under your toes is called the toe edge, and the edge under your heels is called the heel edge. The edge, topboard, and base combine to make a shape.

Where are Lib Tech snowboards made?

the USA
Lib Tech Skis are Made in the USA, environmentally nicer with industry leading technologies like Magne-Traction® and Rocker Activated Drive. A dream (or two) built in to every pair!

What is the difference between rocker and camber?

Camber and rocker describe the curve of a ski or snowboard when you look at them from the side. Skis and snowboards with camber have midsections that arch off the snow slightly when unweighted, while skis and snowboards with rocker have midsections that rest on the snow and tips and tails that curve up.

What is it called when you lean on your heels while snowboarding?

Lien Air: The body leans out over the nose, and the front hand grabs the heel edge. The backside edge is grabbed with the rear hand and the body is bent backwards toward the backside edge. Lien Method Air: AA cross between a method and a lien.

Does Lib Tech make good snowboards?

It’s easy to see how Burton makes our top snowboard brands list year after year. Best known for Magne-Traction edges and Banana Technology rocker shape, the Lib Tech snowboard collection represents the very best of what riders dream of experiencing.

Who is the inventor of Magne Traction snowboard?

It was developed a little over a decade ago by Lib Tech and pioneers Steven Cobb and Mike Olson. Although magne-traction is now used as a general term for any snowboard edge having waves, the true Magne-Traction edge has seven bumps or ‘teeth’.

What kind of traction does a Lib Tech snowboard have?

Every single Lib Technology snowboard comes with some form of Magne-Traction. But what’s really starting to make head-wind is the Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX. The Skate Banana was the original revolutionary All Terrain Rocker snowboard.

What kind of magnets are used in snowboarding?

Despite the name of this influential snowboarding technology, no magnets are actually used in the making of magne-traction edges. Which is sort of a bummer because then we might be a little bit closer to those hover boards in Back to the Future.