What is Borkum Riff tobacco?

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What is Borkum Riff tobacco?

‘Borkum Riff’ tobacco was launched in Sweden in the 1960s. It was a rough cut blend of Virginia and Burley tobaccos. Today, the Borkum Riff, which is manufactured in Denmark for Swedish Match, is the third largest tobacco producer on the Swedish market.

Do they still make Borkum Riff pipe tobacco?

First appearing in the 1960s, Borkum Riff was originally produced by Mac Baren exclusively for Swedish Match — according to “Smooth Sailing with Borkum Riff”, an article written by E. Roberts for Pipes Magazine. Currently, production is handled by STG’s Orlik factory, yet the wildly popular mixtures haven’t changed.

Is Borkum Riff good?

Borkum Riff smells wonderful in the pouch, but is rather lacking in terms of flavor. I think undermidnight has the best advice. Find a local tobacconist who can guide you in your choices, but for the love of all that’s holy, try everything.

Who makes Borkum Riff?

Borkum Riff Bourbon Whiskey is a traditional Cavendish tobacco made of ripe, sweet Virginias and mellow Burleys, finished with the flavor of warm and tangy eight-year-aged Kentucky bourbon whiskey….Shop By Cigar Brand.

Top Flavor Liquor
Packaging Can, Pouch
Country of Origin Denmark
Package Size 1.50 oz, 7.00 oz

What does Borkum mean?

Borkum is an island and a municipality in the Leer District in Lower Saxony, northwestern Germany.

Does Borkum Riff make cigars?

Borkum Riff Bourbon Whiskey Pipe Tobacco – Cigars International.

What is the number one selling pipe tobacco?

For nearly 50 years, Captain Black has remained one of the best-selling pipe tobacco brands in the world. While it’s not quite as distinctive as the Grape version, the brand’s Original is by far the most iconic, especially among new pipe smokers. As an aside, the first pipe tobacco I ever smoked was Captain Black Gold.

Where is Borkum Germany?

Lower Saxony
Borkum (Low German: Borkum, Börkum) is an island and a municipality in the Leer District in Lower Saxony, northwestern Germany. It is situated east of Rottumeroog and west of Juist.

Is Borkum Riff aromatic?

Tobaccos Borkum Riff – Mixture with Bourbon Whiskey (Bronze) Selected quality, bright aromatic Virginia and rich, cool smoking burley tobaccos are blended to give an exquisite taste and aroma, enhanced by the finest Kentucky bourbon whiskey traditionally matured for over eight years to develop its full complex flavour.

What kind of liquor does Borkum Riff use?

These traditional Cavendishes come in the popular Bourbon, Original, Black Cavendish, Cherry, and Cherry Liquor. Try any one of these delicious Borkum Riff blends, and see for yourself what millions of pipe smokers throughout the years have known.

How big is a pouch of Borkum Riff tobacco?

Borkum Riff Mixture Original Pouches (1.5oz Pch.) Selected quality, bright aromatic Virginia and rich cool-smoking Burley tobaccos are blended by a special process to create a mixture that is soft, yet retains an exquisitely natural taste and aroma, enhanced with the finest fragrant vanilla.

How did the Borkum Riff cigar get its name?

Named after a famous Dutch lighthouse, Borkum Riff’s glow from its sweet-burning tobaccos guides smokers to explore new territories of taste. Get in on the adventure!