What is Benihime bleach?

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What is Benihime bleach?

Kisuke Urahara (浦原 喜助, Urahara Kisuke) is the former captain of the 12th Division, as well as the founder and 1st President of the S.R.D.I.. His lieutenant was Hiyori Sarugaki.

What type of sword is Benihime?

“Crimson Princess”) is Kisuke Urahara’s sword. 105cm. Carbon steel blade.

Who has Benihime?

Nake, Benihime (啼け紅姫, Sing, Crimson Princess; Viz “Scream, Red Princess”) is a technique of Kisuke Urahara’s Zanpakutō, Benihime.

Who has the most powerful Bankai?

1 Ichigo Krosaki – (True) Tensa Zangetsu Ichigo Kurosaki is probably one of the most overpowered characters in anime history. He was not only able to access his Shikai in record time but developed his Bankai before many experienced Shinigami. Then, he was able to transform into a hollow, increasing his power even more.

What does Benihime mean in Japanese?

From Japanese 紅 (beni) meaning “crimson” combined with 姫 (hime) meaning “princess”. Other kanji combinations are possible. Home » Submitted Names.

What does Hiasobi Benihime mean?

Hiasobi, Benihime, Juzutsunagi (火遊 紅姫 数珠繋, Fire-Playing Crimson Princess Beaded Mesh; Viz “Fiery Red Princess, Net of Beads”) is a technique of Kisuke Urahara’s Zanpakutō, Benihime.

What kind of sword is Benihime in Bleach?

Benihime is the fifth Zanpakuto on the character customization screen. It is the sword of Kisuke Urahara in the anime and manga. Its sealed form is a cane sword. In the customization screen, it is a cane sword. In its shikai form, it takes the shape of a sleek, medium-length sword.

What kind of Shikai does Benihime have?

Shikai: The Shikai command of Benihime is “Awaken” (okiro). Benihime’s Shikai takes the form a sleek, medium-sized sword. It has a crimson tassel dangles on the end of the hilt, with has a gentle decorative bend.

What kind of spirit is Zabimaru in Bleach?

Zabimaru’s manifested form. The Zanpakutō Spirits’ physical appearances were radically altered by this event.