What is an Intraseptal injection?

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What is an Intraseptal injection?

Intraseptal technique provides local anesthesia of one tooth including the soft-tissues. Intraseptal technique anesthetizes surrounding nerve endings in the tissues of a particular tooth.[18] There are a few contraindications such as acute inflammation or infection at injection cite.

How effective is supplemental Intraseptal anesthesia in patients with symptomatic irreversible Pulpitis?

Supplemental intraseptal injections provided success in 29% of patients. Conclusions: Supplemental intraseptal injections achieved profound pulpal anesthesia in 29% of patients when the IAN block failed.

How do you give a PDL injection?

With the bevel oriented toward the root surface, advance the tip of the needle into the PDL between the root surface and the adjacent alve- olar bone. Administer a small amount (0.2 milli- liters) of anesthetic solution slowly. To ensure that the solution is being forced into the tissue, you must feel resistance.

How successful is supplemental Intraseptal and buccal infiltration Anaesthesia in the mandibular molars of patients undergoing root canal treatment or tooth extraction?

Recent study by Dianat et al. [11] revealed that the administration of an additional articaine intraseptal injection to IANB in mandibular molars of patients with symptomatic irreversible pulpitis achieved a success rate of 80%.

What is Intrapulpal anesthesia?

[1] The intrapulpal injection technique (IPI) is one of the commonly employed supplemental anesthetic technique adjuvant to conventional maxillary infiltration anesthesia or mandibular inferior alveolar block in situations, where patients encounter severe pain or discomfort during pulp extirpation, especially in …

What is a periodontal ligament injection?

The periodontal ligament (PDL) anesthetic technique involves using high injection pressure to force the local anesthetic solution through the PDL into the cancellous medullary bone surrounding a tooth.

When do you give Intraligamentary injection?

Periodontal Ligament Injection (Intraligamentary Injection) It is useful in pediatric or disabled patients when there is concern of postoperative tissue trauma to the lip or tongue.

Can periodontal injection rescue the failure of IANB injection?

The use of periodontal ligament injections can help overcome failed blocks and/or accessory innervation.

What is local anesthesia for tooth extraction?

Local Anesthesia A local anesthetic, commonly lidocaine, is injected into the soft tissue of the mouth to completely numb the teeth and gums. And that’s it. That’s all you need to get through your tooth extraction without any pain and minimal discomfort.

How painful is Intrapulpal injection?

This is an indication for an intrapulpal injection. The major drawback of the technique is that needle placement and injection are directly into a vital and very sensitive pulp; the injection may be moderately to severely painful.

How is Intrapulpal anesthesia given?

Use a 30 Gauge short needle and apply a right angle bend. If necessary, apply pressure to the area of the bend with your opposite index finger or thumb (forcing the needle tip into the exposure site) ALWAYS warn the patient before you inject.