What is a synonym for summed?

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What is a synonym for summed?

totaled. (or totalled), totalized, toted (up), totted (up)

What is another way to say lost in thought?

What is another word for lost in thought?

dreamy absorbed
preoccupied distracted
daydreaming inattentive
absent-minded abstracted
absent miles away

What is the word for summing up?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for sum up, like: conclude, summarize, review, total, tally, sum, summary, resume, examine, tot and add.

What is a synonym for lost cause?

someone or something that will never succeed. Synonyms: Unsuccessful person or thing.

Is summed up a word?

sum something up summarize, express concisely, express pithily, express in a word He summed his weakness up in one word: ‘Disastrous. sum up summarize, review, recapitulate, close, conclude, put something in a nutshell When the judge summed up it was clear he wanted a guilty verdict.

What is lost thought?

: thinking about something and not paying attention to one’s surroundings.

What is a word for deep in thought?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for deep thought, like: profound thought, engrossment, contemplation, concentration, reflection, study, absorption, preoccupation and meditation.

Is summing up a word?

noun, plural sum·mings-up. a summation or statement made for the purpose of reviewing the basic concepts or principles of an argument, story, explanation, testimony, or the like, and usually presented at the end.

Is sum up formal?

The following list will help you to recognize the informal and formal ways of saying the same thing….Transitions – Informal & Formal.

Informal Formal
To sum up In conclusion,
In a nutshell/Basically To summarize,
Anyway, Notwithstanding
All right Acceptable

What is a lost cause urban dictionary?

Someone or something that has no or a very low chance of succeeding or turning out well. Trying to help him to improve his pronunciation is a lost cause. They do not want to expend energy in what, to them, is a lost cause.

What is a lost case?

adj. 1 unable to be found or recovered. 2 unable to find one’s way or ascertain one’s whereabouts. 3 confused, bewildered, or helpless.

What is another word for ” summed up “?

Synonyms for summed up include made, thought, ascertained, discerned, estimated, gathered, imagined, intuited, read and surmised. Find more similar words at wordhippo

Are there any synonyms for the word sum?

Synonyms of summed. to combine (numbers) into a single sum. can sum figures in his head faster than I can punch them into a calculator. Synonyms for summed. added, cast (up), footed (up), summated, totaled.

What is the opposite of’to sum up’?

Used to signal that the speaker is about to yield control of the conversation Find more words! What is the opposite of to sum up?

Which is the best summed up antonym of the word surprise?

“The penalty for finding an environmental surprise has become so onerous and so carefully policed by the environmental agencies, that lenders are determined to take this whole category of risk out of their pricing model,” summed up Perry. Volgatelecom and Sibirtelecom summed up 9 months results.