What is a Bankart fracture?

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What is a Bankart fracture?

A Bankart lesion is an injury of the anterior (inferior) glenoid labrum of the shoulder due to anterior shoulder dislocation. When this happens, a pocket at the front of the glenoid forms that allows the humeral head to dislocate into it.

How long does Bankart repair take to heal?

According to Dr. Reuss, many patients report feeling they have regained full use of their shoulder and arm anywhere between three to six months after surgery. In some cases, however, recovery may last as long as nine to 12 months.

How do you treat a Bankart tear?

There are two general options for the treatment of a Bankart tear. One option is to allow the arm to rest, and the inflammation to subside with the use of a sling. This is usually followed by physical therapy to regain motion of the extremity.

How painful is Bankart repair?

Arthroscopic Bankart repair results in minimal pain and trauma and less scarring and damage to surrounding tissue than traditional open surgery. There is also a shorter recovery period and a shorter length of rehabilitation than with traditional open surgery.

Can Bankart lesions heal without surgery?

Bankart lesions may be treated through conservative methods such as rest, immobilization and physical therapy, particularly in older patients. However, many cases require surgery to reattach the torn labrum to the socket of the shoulder.

What causes a Bankart tear?

causes of Bankart lesions Bankart lesions are frequently the results of high energy trauma and sports injuries (either acute injuries or overuse injuries from repetitive arm motions). Though anyone can sustain this injury, young people in their twenties are most susceptible.

When should I start PT after Bankart repair?

After Bankart Repair for Shoulder Instability In general, it is usually safe to return to heavy weight training at three months following Bankart repair.

Is Bankart surgery painful?

What does a Bankart repair fix?

A Bankart Repair is a procedure to prevent recurring anterior shoulder dislocations due to instability in the back (anterior) of the shoulder. A Bankart injury occurs when an initial shoulder dislocation damages the anterior glenoid labrum of the shoulder joint.

What is the treatment for a Bankart lesion?

The first approach of conservative treatment for a Bankart lesion due to shoulder dislocation is a closed reduction of the shoulder followed by temporary immobilisation with a sling until the inflammation has subsided. The patient requires treatment with pain killers and NSAID’s in the acute phase and subsequently intensive physical therapy.

Do you need surgery to repair a Bankart?

Treatment and prognosis. Bankart lesions do heal, and therefore early surgical intervention (if any) is not required. In Bankart repairs, the labral fragment is sutured back to the glenoid rim using suture anchors.

What is the rehabilitation protocol for Bankart repair?

Rehabilitation Protocol for Bankart Repair Rehabilitation Protocol for Bankart Repair This protocol is intended to guide clinicians and patients through the post-operative course of a Bankart repair. Specific interventions should be based on the needs of the individual and should consider exam findings and clinical decision making.

How is Bankart repair for unstable dislocating shoulders?

A solid surgical repair requires that the torn tissue be sewn back to the rim of the socket. Failure to secure this lesion solidly can result in failure of the repair. If the glenoid bone is deficient, the shoulder may benefit from a surgery to restore the lost bony anatomy.