What is a B switching on a receiver?

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What is a B switching on a receiver?

Most stereo and home theater receivers and amplifiers have a speaker A and speaker B switch located somewhere on the front panel. With a little planning and effort, speakers assigned to the speaker B switch can be used to play audio from another room, a patio area or backyard, or a set of rear surround speakers.

What does A and B mean on speakers?

1-3 of 3 Answers. You may play music/sound on either channel A (one set of speakers hooked up to A), channel B (second set of speakers) or both A and B at the same time.

Can you use any receiver with any speakers?

In short, yes basically any surround set will work. Just watch the ohm load. Most home receivers are only stable from 6ohm to 8ohm. If you go with 6-ohm speakers they will pull a little more power from the receiver and be a little louder.

How do I connect my speaker selector to my receiver?

Speaker selectors are very straight forward devices. As you can see from the diagram below, you simply connect the speaker output terminals from your receiver (usually Zone 2 or assignable back channels) or amplifier to the speaker selector. You then connect each pair of speakers to the back of the speaker selector.

Can I use A and B speakers at the same time?

When running two pairs of speakers via the A+B main speaker outputs, impedance and power ratings should be as close as possible to the power of the amp. A less efficient speaker will consume more power than a more efficient design to achieve similar sound levels.

Can you split speaker wires?

If using the zip-style speaker wire (the type that’s transparent and has a thin plastic barrier between the two wire strands), snip the plastic at the end, parallel to the two strands, using the wire cutter. Gently tug until there are two separate lengths of wire matching the length written down in step 1.

What happens if you wire a speaker backwards?

Reversing speaker wire polarity is a common audio error. This action is known as making the speaker “out of phase,” and results in audio oddities. Although this is not dangerous to a speaker or amplifier, proper power delivery and speaker response is not possible with reversed speaker wires.

Can you hook up Bose speakers to any receiver?

You can connect your Bose speakers to almost any receiver. However, choose one to match the sound quality of your speakers. Yes, your speakers need an amplifier so that you can use them.

How do I switch between two sets of speakers?

To use a speaker selector switch, connect the left and right channel outputs of the amplifier/receiver to the inputs of the switch. Then connect the various speaker sets to the speaker outputs.

Can you hook up two receivers to one set of speakers?

In most cases, it is possible to connect two receivers to one set of speakers by using a speaker switch. Speaker switches come in automatic and manual varieties. These will allow you to switch back and forth from receivers without any extra work. Banana plugs are an alternative option.

Are four speakers better than two?

Since we only have two ears, there is really not a better way to reproduce a musical performance. With all that being said, if you want to use 4 speakers to play a stereo recording, you will want to place the speakers in a manner that allows most of the audience to get the stereo effect intended.

What kind of pre amp does Sony xav602bt have?

When you’re ready to expand your system, the XAV-602BT delivers a robust 5 volts to front, rear and subwoofer RCA pre-amp outputs for external amplifiers. The adjustable subwoofer level control also lets you dial in the bass when you’re ready to pump it up. Easily upgrade the XAV-602BT’s firmware.

How does MirrorLink work on Sony xav602bt?

MirrorLink technology 8 offers seamless connectivity between MirrorLink enabled smart phones and your XAV-602BT receiver. The technology is extremely simple to use: approved applications, content and controls are mirrored from the smartphone onto the receiver.

How can I connect my xav602bt to my iPhone?

Connect your iPhone or iPod Touch via the optional RC-202IPV cable to display compatible app content on the XAV-602BT receiver’s display and control the app directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch with passenger app control 3. Playback audio/video from most iPod 3 models via the optional RC-202IPV video cable.