What happened to the original Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful?

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What happened to the original Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful?

On August 11, 2012, it was announced that Moss would exit The Bold and the Beautiful, after having played the character of Ridge Forrester for 25 years. He made his last appearance on September 14, 2012.

Is Ridge married to Shauna?

While they are there, Ridge has a little too much to drink and ends up tying the knot with Shauna at an all-night wedding chapel. When Ridge sobers up, he is shocked to find out that he is married to Shauna. Not only does he not remember marrying Shauna, but he doesn’t remember getting divorced from Brooke.

What is Ridge Forrester real name?

Thorsten Ernst Kieselbach
Thorsten Kaye (born Thorsten Ernst Kieselbach on 22 February 1966 in Frankfurt, Federal Republic of Germany) is a German-British actor….Filmography.

Year 2013–present
Title The Bold and the Beautiful
Role Ridge Forrester
Notes Regular role

Is Ridge leaving The Bold and the Beautiful 2020?

Ridge Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful” might soon be leaving Los Angeles for an extended period of time after portrayer Thorsten Kaye shared in a recent interview with Dutch newspaper HLN that he has requested time off from the show next year, or the year after, wherein the character would be written out of …

Does Katie tell Ridge about Shauna?

In the main office, Katie lets Ridge know she overheard Quinn talking to Shauna and they were confessing something. Shauna had a guilty conscience about manipulating him and Brooke out of a future together and was saying he needed to know the truth.

Did Ridge marry Shauna a second time?

Ridge and Shauna’s evolving relationship Although based on a dishonest act, the two have had a life together, and in recent episodes of the soap, the couple decided to redo their wedding vows with a proper ceremony. This second ceremony was to prove their love for one another and show that the union is binding.

How old is John mccook?

77 years (June 20, 1944)
John McCook/Age

Who is ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Ridge Forrester is a fictional character on The Bold and the Beautiful, currently portrayed by Thorsten Kaye who joined in 2013. The role was originated by Ronn Moss from 1987-2012. Ridge is the legal son of Eric Forrester and Stephanie Douglas. Ridge has four half-siblings Felicia, Thorne, Kristen and Angela.

How did Brooke and Eric get pregnant on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Brooke was sad watching them exchange vows and Eric comforted her and she got pregnant but aborted it and Eric later left Stephanie for Brooke making Brooke and Stephanie B&B’s greatest rivalry. Brooke and Eric then got pregnant again but Brooke didn’t know whether it was of Ridge or Eric.

Who is the actor who plays ridge on All my Children?

Ridge Forrester. In October 2013, TV Guide ‘s Michael Logan reported that the role of Ridge was recast with former All My Children actor, Thorsten Kaye. Kaye made his first appearance as Ridge on December 13, 2013.

When did Ridge Forrester return to Los Angeles?

Ridge makes his dramatic return to Los Angeles in December 2013 showing up at the Forrester mansion and seeing Eric for the first time in over a year. Ridge and Eric have a heartfelt reunion where Eric updates Ridge on what has happened in the past year he was gone.