What happened to Sergio Andrade?

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What happened to Sergio Andrade?

MEXICO: FORMER MANAGER OF MEXICAN POP STAR GLORIA TREVI, SERGIO ANDRADE SENTENCED TO ALMOST 8 YEARS IN PRISON FOR KIDNAPPING, RAPE AND CORRUPTION OF MINORS. corruption of minors. in prison for rape, kidnapping and corruption of minors. conditional freedom, if he pays a fine within a time limit.

Who is Karina Yapor?

Karina Dalmás, an L.A.-based CNN en Español correspondent who left the network in December of last year, is now anchor of a national newscast in her native Uruguay.

How old is Sergio?

65 years (26 November 1955)
Sergio Andrade/Age

How long did Sergio Andrade go to jail?

Sergio Andrade has been behind bars for five years and Judge Javier Pineda said he can be excused from the remainder of his sentence of seven years and 10 months by paying about $90,200 to his chief accuser, Karina Yapor, and her family.

Does Gloria Trevi have any kids?

Ana Andrade
Angel Gabriel GomezMiguel Armando Gómez
Gloria Trevi/Children

Did Gloria Trevi get pregnant in jail?

Mexican pop princess Gloria Trevi became pregnant in prison after having sex with a Brazilian federal cop, it was revealed last night. The curvy redhead, wanted in Mexico on charges of turning teen girls into sex slaves, has been held in prison in Brazil for 19 months, awaiting a court decision on extradition.

Did Gloria Trevi have a baby?

Trevi gave birth to a second child, Angel Gabriel, in Brazil on Feb. 18. The two share a jail cell in the capital city, Brasilia, awaiting the final ruling on Trevi’s extradition to Mexico. Andrade, who also fathered the second child, is in a penitentiary outside Brasilia with backup singer Maria Raquenel Portillo.

Who is the father of Gloria Trevi kids?

Trevi married Armando Gómez, a lawyer, in 2009. She now lives in McAllen, Texas, with Gómez and her two sons.

What did Gloria Trevi do to her baby?

Trevi claims the baby accidentally choked to death and was dumped in the river by one of the clan girls. Trevi would later get pregnant again, this time while awaiting extradition from a Brazilian prison. Her lawyers claimed she was raped by guards, but DNA testing would reveal the father was, once again, Andrade.

Does Gloria Trevi have a baby?

Trevi gave birth to a son, Angel Gabriel, on February 18, 2002, in Brasilia, Brazil. The following day, authorities denied her request to keep the father’s identity a secret. Following DNA tests, Andrade was confirmed as the child’s father.