What Guru Nanak respond to Mardana?

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What Guru Nanak respond to Mardana?

Nanak’s response was to tell Mardana, who was born Muslim, that he should strive to be a good Muslim. Likewise, a Hindu should become a good Hindu.

What did Bhai Mardana do?

In the Sikh religion, Bhai Mardana played the role of a true custodian of Guru Nanak’s ideas, principles and faith. Bhai Mardana was named “Dana” by his parents and it was Guru Nanak who renamed him as “Mardana” (warrior).

Where is Mardana live?

The descendants of Bhai Mardana, one of the two constant companions of Guru Nanak, who live in Pakistan, are awaiting their visa to take part in Guru Nanak’s 550th birth anniversary celebrations, which began on November 1 in India. Bhai Mardana, a rebeck player, was also the Guru’s first disciple.

What instrument did Bhai Mardana Ji play?

The Rabab, which was played by his beloved companion Bhai Mardana, followed Guru Nanak as a shadow for 27 years on his travels around the world. There are many beauties of this instrument. The ‘Firandia’ Rabab was the ideal instrument.

Who was the first Sikh?

Guru Nanak
There are currently about 24 million Sikhs worldwide. The majority live in the Indian state of Punjab. They regard Guru Nanak (1469–1539) as the founder of their faith and Guru Gobind Singh (1666–1708), the tenth Guru, as the Guru who formalised their religion.

Who gave Rabab to Bhai Mardana?

In 2005, Dr Gurnam Singh, then head of Gurmat Sangeet Chair, had reintroduced rabab by making some changes in its shape as firandia rabab – its name derived from Bhai Firanda, who, according to Sikh traditions, had presented the rabab to Guru Baba Nanak’s companion Bhai Mardana for kirtan.

What are the 3 types of SEWA?

There are three types of sewa. These are tan, man, dhan . This involves physical work and tasks to show selfless service. For example, this could be cooking or serving in the langar, cleaning the gurdwara or helping with gardening.

Who is Bhai Mardana in the story of Guru Nanak?

An image of Mardana holding the rubab became ubiquitous to Nanak’s depictions; his presence essential to Nanak’s stories. The story of Bhai Mardana became the story of Guru Nanak. Haroon Khalid is the author of four books, including Imagining Lahore and Walking with Nanak.

Who was the first Sikh Companion of Guru Nanak?

Bhai Mardana Ji ( Punjabi: ਭਾਈ ਮਰਦਾਨਾ) (1459–1534) was the first Sikh and longtime companion of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, first in the line of gurus noted as Sikh. Bhai Mardana accompanied Guru Nanak Dev Ji on his journeys across South Asia.

How did Bhai baghirath Help Guru Nanak?

When Guru Nanak planned to travel the world to spread his message, he wanted Mardana to accompany him, Mardana wanted to marry off his daughter before doing so, Bhai Baghirath a disciple of Guru Nanak helped Mardana materially to enable the daughter’s marriage and allow Mardana to accompany Guru Nanak.

What kind of music did Bhai Mardana play?

Bhai Mardana was born to a Muslim family, a couple, Badra and Lakkho, of Rai Bhoi di Talwandi, now Nankana Sahib of Pakistan. He had very good knowledge of music and played rabāb when Guru Nanak sung Gurbani.