What gun is the MR6 based on?

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What gun is the MR6 based on?

The MR6 is a futuristic striker-fired handgun with an integral laser aiming module (though the relevant attachment must be acquired to make it function and said attachment is absurdly large for a futuristic laser sight, being twice the size of modern-day equivalents). It seems to have been based on the Lawgiver Mk.

What is MR6?

MR6 is a complex arrangement of polymers designed for the extension and enhancement of bituminous binder for asphalt used in road surfaces. Ideally suited to surfacing intersections, roundabouts and slow moving, heavy vehicle areas, where deformation resistance is critical.

Is the locus a real gun?

The Locus is a bolt-action sniper rifle which can kill any enemy with one shot to the upper torso, neck, and head. The Locus’ accuracy is superb. The sniper scope is unobstructed and the center point is clear.

Is Man O’War good CoD?

Man-O-War is in assault rifle class of COD Mobile, Man-O-War has very high damage, good accuracy and highest mobility. Overall a very good gun to use in close and long range combat.

How do you start the RK5 in zombies?

After completing the A Better Tomorrow achievement in Revelations by completing all previous easter eggs in the game, the RK5 becomes a starting weapon along with the Bloodhound, MR6, 1911 and Mauser C96.

Can you pack a punch the bloodhound?

Pack-a-Punch The rate of fire is marginally slower than the Mustang and Sally, but it boasts a larger magazine compared to Mustang and Sally, with 8 rounds per gun compared to six for the other. The Meat Wagon cannot be Pack-a-Punched again to get the Pack-a-Punch upgrades, like Blast Furnace.

How much damage does the Boomhilda do?


Mauser C96 Boomhilda
Damage 20 1000
Fire mode Semi-automatic Semi-automatic
Rate of fire 625 RPM 600 RPM
Magazine size 8 rounds 50 rounds

Is the KN 57 a real gun?

The Knötgen automatic rifle is a two barrel automatic rifle of German origin. The Knötgen automatic rifle is a two barrel, magazine fed light machine gun using a delayed blowback operation.

What is the best loadout for the Man-O-War?

Best attachments for the Man-O-War in COD Mobile Season 6

  • Muzzle: OWC Light Compensator.
  • Barrel: OWC Ranger.
  • Underbarrel: Tactical Foregrip A.
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape.
  • Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical.

How much damage does the MR6 do in Call of Duty?

Between 19 and 38 meters, the MR6 will deal 29 damage, taking four shots to kill, or two shots in Hardcore/one headshot. Past 38 meters, the MR6 will deal 22 damage, needing five shots to kill, and guaranteed two shots in Hardcore. Headshots are not beneficial on this weapon whatsoever without the High Caliber attachment.

Which is better the MR6 or the rk5?

The Laser Sight is a powerful attachment on the MR6, tightening its hip-fire spread significantly. This makes the MR6 even more reliable in close quarters, which can help it have an edge over the RK5 or the L-CAR 9. The only weapons with better hip-fire spread with a laser sight are the SMG’s, where some may consider it overkill.

Is the QuickDraw handle good for the MR6?

The MR6 gets the usual attachment selection of a pistol. The optical attachments are useless, as they aren’t much clearer than the iron sights, and if anything, magnify the visual recoil of the MR6. The Quickdraw Handle is a good fit for the MR6, as it allows the pistol to be aimed lightning fast.

Can a FMJ be used on a MR6?

FMJ is an ill fit for the MR6, as the pistols in general are not well suited to shooting through walls due to their low magazine capacities and bullet damage. Fast Mag improves the MR6’s reload time, speeding it up to about 0.9 seconds.