What fluid goes in AYC pump Evo X?

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What fluid goes in AYC pump Evo X?

Any atf 4 should be fine.

Does Evo X have AYC?

“All Evo Xs worldwide receive Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC), which integrates control over the familiar active center differential (ACD) with the rear differential’s active yaw control (AYC).” All X’s get S-AWC which includes AYC and ACD.

How do you check the transmission fluid on a Evo X?

To check too much fluid you remove the FILL plug, with the car level, and after 5 min if it no longer drips fluid out then its sufficient. If you think it is too low, fill more fluid and repeat last step.

How do you bleed Evo AYC?


  1. Once the pump is hooked up to the car and the reservoir, cycle the key to prime the pump (completely off then on without starting the car)
  2. Keep the key on.
  3. Crack the two rear bleeder valves and watch the fluid drip.
  4. Let it drip for a little bit, then close the rear bleeders.
  5. Top off the fluid in the reservoir.

Are evos AWD or 4wd?

According to Mitsubishi, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is AWD, “the AWC is a four-wheel dynamic control philosophy for maximally exploiting the capability of all four tires of a vehicle in a balanced manner to realize predictable handling and high marginal performance.” The core of the AWC philosophy is the …

Is the Evo 10 AWD?

Believe it or not, the 10th-generation Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has one of the most complicated AWD systems in history. Specifically, it is the most advanced AWD system implemented on the transverse FWD platform.

How do you bleed an Evo 9 ACD?

open the ACD valve and step on the gas pedal. hold it there, after couple seconds close the valve. repeat those steps for about 5 times. your acd should be well bleed.

How many quarts does a GSR transmission take?

yep right around 2 qts.

How do you bleed AYC?

What is an AYC pump?

The “ayc pump” also often called the “acd pump” is used to generate the hydraulic pressure that each differential uses to perform it’s functions. They’re computer controlled hydraulically actuated devices. Without the pump, neither unit is able to actively operate, and always remains in it’s default state.

When did the Lancer Evo IV AYC come out?

The AYC was introduced for the first time in the Lancer EVO IV in the 1996, it’s function is absolutely ingenious it is made of an electronic and mechanical part, the potenziality of this electronic device was immediately clear.

What is the AYC and ACD in Evolution X?

The AYC (active yaw control) and ACD (active center differential) system in the Evolution X is very complicated mechanically and there has been much interest in how to service the system. 1) The Transfer Case. This houses the ACD clutch pak and the ACD activation ring piston circuit.

Where is the AYC clutch Pak on an Evo X?

It also houses the front differential and parts of the center differential (actual center diff is in Transaxle on both 5 speed and SST). 2) The Rear Differential. This houses the AYC clutch paks (there are two, one for the left wheel and one for the right wheel) and the AYC activation ring piston circuits (there are two as well).

How does Super AYC work on Evo VIII?

On EVO VIII was installed Super AYC which includes interesting news. It functions in the same way as its predecessor but the new rear differential determines twice the torque to the rear wheels by switching from the use of a bevel gear to a planetary gear differential. This twice torque increases the limit of cornering of 10%.