What does Maupay mean?

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What does Maupay mean?

adjective. en acting in the interest of good; ethical good intentions.

How do you say goodnight in Waray?

Maupay nga gab-i. Good night.

What is your name translate in Waray?

Basic Greetings, Introductions and Language

English Waray
Thank you! Salamat!
Thank you very much! Damo nga salamat!
You are welcome. Waray sapayan.
What’s your name? Ano imo ngaran?

Where are you Waray?

Where are you from? : Taga diin ka? or Taga nga-in ka?

Is Bisaya and Waray the same?

Truly, Cebuano and Waray are classified into the same language family. And though considered as a predominantly Waray town, its own dialect of the language is noticeably different from the “standard” Waray of the northern towns of the island of Leyte .

What is hello in Waray?

“Maupay” – when used by itself is a universal greeting when knocking at the door of a house, or calling for attention outside the gate, or upon entering a house, building or room; or as a form of warm welcome to a guest who enters your home (wishing happiness/blessings upon the person)

What is I love you in Hiligaynon?

We usually say “Palangga ta ka” in Hiligaynon to mean “I love you.” In Alonso de Mentrida’s “Diccionario de la lengua Bisaya–Hiligueyna y Haría de las islas de Panay y Sugbu, y para las demás islas” (1841), langga and angga are defined as “gift, or to be the gift that is given and caressed.” Palangga is therefore to …

How do you say I miss you in Waray?

Well, “I miss you.” in Waray is “Nahidlaw ako ha imo.” or you may say “Ginmimingaw ako ha imo.” which is a more romantic version.

What is I miss you in Waray?

“I miss you” in waray is ‘Gin mimingaw ko ikaw’ or ‘Gin mimingaw kita.’

What is I love you in Bicolano?

From @KWFilipino : “Mahal Kita” (“I Love You”) in the Bicol language.