What does Khair mean in Farsi?

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What does Khair mean in Farsi?

But Khair essentially means “good” in Arabic. In Urdu, we use it with this meaning… Khair, aap kii marzii… achchhaa, aap kii marzii. In Persian, one can say “no” by saing “Khair”/”na-Khair”.

What does Kar mean in Farsi?

Mikonam in the meaning of “doing sex” is an conversational and informal way of saying that.However It is an old Persian word that is stipulated in the most valuable and comprehensive Persian Dictionary (Dehkhoda) but it is impolite and is used usually by younger people. See a translation.

How do you apologize in Farsi?

متاسفم (mote’as-sefam). Often, remorse can eat away at us, and a simple ‘I’m sorry’, in Persian or any other language, can open the door for forgiveness and resolution of a bad situation.

What is the Spanish of No?

Answering “no”

Spanish Negative English Equivalent
jamás, nunca (Hah-mahs; noon-kah) never, (not) ever
nadie (nah-deeeh) no one, nobody
ninguno(a) (neen-goon-oh) no, none, (not) any
nada (nah-dah) nothing

What does Noura mean?

The name Noura is primarily a female name of Arabic origin that means Light.

What is Khair mean?

The name Khair is primarily a male name of Arabic origin that means Giving, Charitable.

What does Moosh mean?

New Word Suggestion. a term of affection towards a friend or loved one. Similar to ‘pal’, ‘mate’ and ‘my love’.

What does GHER mean in Farsi?

Then people began to gher, which in Persian means to twirl one’s hips, to the popular Iranian pop song “Soosan Khanoom” (Lady Soosan) by Barobax. Almost everyone knew the words.

What does Sheytoon mean in Farsi?

The word sheytoon can mean “mischievous” in Farsi…

Is the word no the same as Yes in Persian?

Running late and feeling under the weather, so all you get today is yes and no. “No” is incredibly easy; reflecting Persian’s Indo-European roots, it’s نه (nah), so close to “no” it’s basically the same word. There are a couple of variants for “yes” that may be encountered.

Are there any Spanish words that come from Arabic?

One of the most well-known words to come from Arabic, ojalá means hopefully in English and comes from the Arabic expression: “law sha allah” which means if God should want. Remember that ojalá is a conjunction that can often, but doesn’t need to be, used with que.

What are the most common swear words in Farsi?

Swear Words In Farsi | Cuss Words In Farsi Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate? Gooreto Gom Kon Fuck off, Piss off, Beat it (76%) (24%) Harum zadeh Son of a Bitch, Asshole (67%) (33%) Jendeh Slut, whore, bitch (91%) (9%) Khar Kos seh your sister is a whore (59%) (41%)

Where does the word hasta come from in Arabic?

Meaning until in English, hasta comes from the Arabic word “hata”, which is a preposition with essentially the same meaning as hasta.