What does Dorime mean?

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What does Dorime mean?

Dorime is a viral Meme that refers to section of the lyrics from the French new-age electronica group Era’s song Ameno.

Who originally sang Ameno?

Ameno (song)

Length 3:40 (1st Version), 4:20 (2nd Version)
Label Polygram (France)
Songwriter(s) Eric Lévi, Guy Protheroe
Producer(s) Eric Lévi

Is Dorime song cursed?

‘Dorime Ameno’ Is TikTok’s Cursed Song of the Summer “Dorime Ameno” (AKA Era’s song “Ameno”) has become the cursed song of the summer on TikTok. Perfect for a very, very cursed summer.

Is Ameno a soundtrack?

The hit song “Ameno” is still much alive and touching many souls even after a Decade. Currently it is the biggest soundtrack in Nigerian Clubs.

What kind of music is ERA?

Era mixes Gregorian chants and occasionally world music with contemporary electronic and pop-rock arrangements. It is reminiscent of new-age music projects such as Enigma, Gregorian, and Deep Forest.

What is Dorime in Nigeria?

The slang “Dorime Ameno” is from a single titled “Ameno” that was released in 1996 by Era, a new-age music project by French composer Eric Lévi. “Dorime” has become an internet meme and also played by many Nigerian clubs for clubbers who order expensive drinks.

What is the name of the song Dorime?

The popular song Dorime is officially known as Ameno. In recent weeks, it has been trending among Nigerians on social media. Despite the buzz around it, not many people know much about the song.

What does Dorime mean in Nigeria?

This has led to a viral trend and generated a slang word termed – “Dorimee” used by most Nigerians to signify anything that tends to make you spend more money than is necessary.

What kind of song is Dorime?

More videos on YouTube Euronet describes the music as, “a weird mix of Gregorian chant (performed by the English Chamber Choir), rock and disco.” Musicians on the album and the song are Lee Sklar, Chester Thompson, Philippe Manca, Neal Wilkinson, Patrice Tison and Eric Levi.

Is the end of an era?

The end of something such as a period of time, an event, a book, or a film is the last part of it or the final point in it.

Who started Dorime?

By Ekaete Bassey. Teni Apkata aka Teni has decided to excite her fans with a new single titled “Dorime.” Era, a new-age music project by French composer Eric Lévi, had released an amazing single titled “Ameno” in 1996.