What does De Beers company do?

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What does De Beers company do?

De Beers Group is an international corporation that specialises in diamond mining, diamond exploitation, diamond retail, diamond trading and industrial diamond manufacturing sectors. It operates in 35 countries and mining takes place in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Canada and Australia.

Is De Beers ethical?

Ethically sourced and responsibly crafted Our stringent sourcing procedures, selection processes and certification requirements mean that the diamonds in every piece of De Beers jewellery are guaranteed to be ethically produced and 100 per cent conflict-free.

How much does De Beers spend on advertising?

The company is spending $180 million on marketing this year, the most in a decade.

Is De Beers a cartel?

For generations it has been run by De Beers as a cartel. The South African firm dominated the digging and trading of diamonds for most of the 20th century. With its near monopoly as a trader of rough stones, De Beers has been able to maintain and increase the prices of diamonds by regulating their supply.

Is James Allen ethical?

The company takes ethical sourcing seriously, requiring all partners to abide by strict ethical standards, including the Kimberly Process. They also only source their metal materials through ethical sources. Every single diamond on James Allen is certified conflict-free.

Is Shane co ethical?

The Shane family has been ethically sourcing all our diamonds since 1929, when Tom Shane’s grandfather opened his first store. You can feel confident your Shane Co. The Shane family has been ethically sourcing all our diamonds since 1929, when Tom Shane’s grandfather opened his first store.

Is gold rarer than diamond?

But, in its elemental form, gold is significantly rarer than diamonds, Faul told Live Science. Gold is more abundant than large diamonds, but diamonds as a class of material are not particularly rare.

Who are the De Beers group of companies?

Forevermark is a diamond brand from the De Beers Group of Companies. Each Forevermark diamond is individually selected for their quality and integrity. Every Forevermark diamond has been responsibly s…

Where did the De Beers ship come from?

The vessel was constructed in Norway by the Kleven Verft shipbuilding group and was launched into water ahead of schedule on 9 January 2016 and was inaugurated on 15 June 2017. The 12,000 tonne diesel-electric vessel, which has led to the creation of 140 jobs, the vast majority filled by Namibians, is 113m long and can accommodate a crew of 80.

How does De Beers work in South Africa?

All of the people, at every level of the De Beers Group Technology team in South Africa, believe in helping. We collaborate with all our customers and stakeholders by listening to understand their challenges and then contributing our knowledge, experience and technology to optimize and improve their businesses.

Who is the general counsel for De Beers?

Alessandra was Lead Legal Counsel for Anglo American from 2013 to 2018, leading on mergers and acquisitions and strategic transactions. Previously, she was Group General Counsel for De Beers Group from 2008.