What did Samuel oldknow do?

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What did Samuel oldknow do?

Oldknow obtained yarn from a large number and variety of small spinners; some having a single jenny at home to others who had small factories with several mules. By 1786 he had become the foremost muslin manufacturer in Britain, with 300 skilled weavers using 500 looms at Stockport and 159 weavers at Anderton.

Where is Samuel Oldknow buried?

Marple parish church
His factory was mortgaged to the Arkwrights, and his role was little more than a mill manager. Following Oldknow’s death on 18 September 1828, control of the factory passed to the Arkwrights (the mill was destroyed by fire in 1892). Oldknow was buried at Marple parish church, which he had helped to rebuild.

Where did Samuel Oldknow live?

In 1784, after obtaining a loan of £3,000 from Richard Arkright, Oldknow joined the great cotton boom in Stockport and purchased a house, warehouse and land on Upper Hillgate belonging to Giles Walmsley. The house, built around 1740, still remains today and is now used as offices.

What did Samuel Oldknow build?

With a loan from Richard Arkwright he built mills in Stockport and Mellor; Mellor Mill, next to the River Goyt, was the largest cotton spinning mill in the world at the time.


Where is Samuel Oldknow in Market Street Marple?

Nestled in the centre of Marple pedestrian precinct, The multi-award-winning Samuel Oldknow provides a cosy refuge from the hustle and bustle of Market Streets shops. Spread over two floors with a real fire and covered outside drinking area.

What did Samuel Oldknow do for a living?

So who is Samuel Oldknow? Samuel Oldknow (1756 – 1828) transformed rural Marple and Mellor into a hub of industry. By the time he was 30, he had made a fortune producing muslin.

Where did Samuel Oldknow build his first mill?

Samuel Oldknow’s warehouse on the Peak Forest Canal. In 1787 Oldknow began the purchase large areas of land at Mellor where the first mill, completed in 1790, created work for 2000 people. This new mill used the first Boulton and Watt steam engine for turning the winding machine.

How many beers are there at Samuel Oldknow?

Spread over two floors with a real fire and covered outside drinking area. Six continuously changing, locally sourced beers and up to eight traditional ciders are available as well as craft and imported lagers and an extensive variety of world bottled beers.