What causes an extra Y chromosome?

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What causes an extra Y chromosome?

An error in cell division called nondisjunction can result in sperm cells with an extra copy of the Y chromosome . If one of these atypical reproductive cells contributes to the genetic makeup of a child, the child will have an extra Y chromosome in each of the body’s cells.

Is Jacobs syndrome caused by mother or father?

XYY syndrome is not caused by anything the parents did or did not do. The disorder is a random error in cell division. This error can happen before conception in the reproductive cells of the mother or the father, or early in the embryo’s development.

Is Jacobs syndrome common?

Excerpt. Jacob’s syndrome, also known as 47,XYY syndrome, is a rare genetic condition that occurs in about 1 out of 1000 male children. It belongs to a group of conditions known as “sex chromosome trisomies”, with Klinefelter’s syndrome being the more common type.

Why would someone get tested for XYY syndrome?

47, XYY syndrome may be suspected when a doctor observes signs and symptoms that can be associated with the syndrome such as low muscle tone ( hypotonia ), speech delay, or learning problems in school. A doctor may then order testing to see if there is a genetic explanation for the signs and symptoms.

What is the life expectancy of someone with Jacobs syndrome?

We found a significantly decreased lifespan from 77.9 years (controls) to 67.5 years (47,XYY persons).

Why is having an extra chromosome bad?

For example, an extra copy of chromosome 21 causes Down syndrome (trisomy 21). Chromosomal abnormalities can also cause miscarriage, disease, or problems in growth or development. The most common type of chromosomal abnormality is known as aneuploidy, an abnormal chromosome number due to an extra or missing chromosome.

Is Jacob’s syndrome fatal?

For the most part, people with XYY syndrome live typical lives. Some may be taller than average and face learning difficulties or speech problems.

Is there cure for Jacobs syndrome?

There is no cure for Jacobsen syndrome ; treatment generally focuses on the specific signs and symptoms present in each individual. Treatment may require the coordinated efforts of a team of various specialists. Individuals with low platelet counts ( thrombocytopenia ) should be monitored regularly.

What are the symptoms of Jacobs syndrome?

The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Jacobs syndrome includes the 9 symptoms listed below: Immaturity. Learning difficulties. Arthritis. Camptodactyly. Swollen joints. Joint stiffness.

How does Jacob’s syndrome occur?

Jacobsen syndrome is caused by a loss of genetic material in chromosome 11. This occurs as an entirely random error in cell division in most cases. This normally occurs during the formation of reproductive cells or early on during fetal development.

Is it autism or delays caused by Jacobsen syndrome?

Research finds rare genetic disorder known as Jacobsen syndrome has been linked with autism , the finding also offers clues into genetic underpinnings of autism. SDSU psychologist Sarah Mattson was part of a study which found that symptoms of autism were common in people with Jacobsen syndrome.