What building code does the city of San Antonio use?

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What building code does the city of San Antonio use?

2018 International Building Code, IBC.

Is drip edge required in San Antonio?

A drip edge is now required on all roofs per City Code. To ensure that your home roof contractor is registered and licensed with the City of San Antonio, properly gets City building permits and has passed the required criminal back- ground check. • It’s the law.

Do you need a permit to build a fence in San Antonio Texas?

A permit for an existing fence is required when the proposed fence replacement or repairs exceed 25% of the length of the existing fence. Fences installed prior to permitting will be subject to double permit penalty fees and will still need to comply with the requirements for new fences.

Can you ride your bike on the sidewalk in San Antonio?

It shall be unlawful for any person to drive or propel or park or stand any vehicle upon any sidewalk. Law enforcement officers and emergency medical personnel while using bicycles provided by governmental agencies and while in the performance of their authorized duties are exempt from the provisions of subsection (a).

Is drip edge required by code?

Without a drip edge, water may end up beneath the shingles and may cause damage to various parts of the home. Though your home may not have originally had a drip edge installed, drip edges are now required by most building codes across North America to protect homes from damage.

How high can a fence be in San Antonio Texas?

No fence over six (6) feet high shall be built in the city unless all owners of property abutting the parcel where the fence is to be constructed have been contacted by the development services department, and have expressed no opposition to the proposed fence, or permission has been granted by ordinance adopted by the …

When does the new fire code go into effect in San Antonio?

On June 21, 2018, City Council approved the adoption of the 2018 International Code Council (ICC) Building-related, Fire and Property Maintenance codes and local amendments to be effective, October 1, 2018. Refer to Codes/Ordinances for current codes.

When did Bexar County adopt fire and building codes?

On July 1, 2015, the Commissioners Court adopted the 2015 edition of the International Fire and Building Codes. Effective on July 1, 2015, all construction documents must comply with the 2015 International Fire and Building Codes and the amendments contained in the Bexar County Rules for the Enforcement of the Fire and Building Codes.

What are the building codes in San Antonio?

III Building Code §§ 10-29 –10-35 Art. IV Residential Code §§ 10-36 –10-45 Art. V Existing Building Code §§ 10-46 –10-50 Art. VI Electrical Code §§ 10-51 –10-60 Art. VII Mechanical Code §§ 10-61 –10-70 Art. VIII Gas Code §§ 10-71 –10-80 Art.

What kind of fire alarms are in San Antonio?

Life safety systems – fire alarm and sprinkler – both type systems has had acceptance testing by fire marshal’s office, has a current inspection tag, and shows no troubles or alarms Gas test (if gas appliances present) – semiannual