What article covers the rights of protection of the coastal State on UNCLOS?

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What article covers the rights of protection of the coastal State on UNCLOS?

Article 77
UNCLOS – Table of Contents. Article 77. Rights of the coastal State over the continental shelf.

What are the UNCLOS provisions?

Law of the Sea – Provisions of unclos. The convention covers almost all human uses of the seas—navigation and overflight, resource exploration and exploitation, conservation and pollution, fishing, and shipping.

What is the function of UNCLOS?

An international treaty that provides a regulatory framework for the use of the world’s seas and oceans, inter alia, to ensure the conservation and equitable usage of resources and the marine environment and to ensure the protection and preservation of the living resources of the sea.

Was UNCLOS successful?

It should however, be kept in mind that UNCLOS has not entirely failed. Compared to the 44 countries and the 86 and 88 participants in the 1930, 1958 and 1960 Conferences, respectively, UNCLOS III started with 137 participating countries in 1974 and then this number rose to 156 in 1976.

How many countries are in UNCLOS?

UNCLOS is almost universally lauded for laying down laws and rules whose wide acceptance it is believed has greatly reduced the number, frequency and potential for inter-state conflicts that would otherwise have taken place. There are now 167 member countries plus the European Union.

What does Article 62 of the UNCLOS say?

Article 62. Utilization of the living resources 1. The coastal State shall promote the objective of optimum utilization of the living resources in the exclusive economic zone without prejudice to article 61. 2. The coastal State shall determine its capacity to harvest the living resources of the exclusive economic zone.

What are the terms of the UNCLOS convention?

United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of 10 December 1982 CONTENTS PREAMBLE PART I. INTRODUCTION Article 1. Use of terms and scope PART II.

Is the contiguous zone Part 3 of UNCLOS?

Article 33. Contiguous zone PART III. STRAITS USED FOR INTERNATIONAL NAVIGATION SECTION 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS Article 34. Legal status of waters forming straits used for international navigation Article 35. Scope of this Part Article 36.

Why did the US refuse to ratify UNCLOS?

Photo Credit: NASA. Since its inception, much of the discussion about the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) has centered on the United States’s refusal to ratify it which, according to proponents of ratification, has left US interests unsecured in a rapidly warming and increasingly accessible Arctic.