What are the two main types of monitoring?

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What are the two main types of monitoring?

Monitoring is done to ensure that all the people who need to know about an intervention are properly informed, and so that decisions can be taken in a timely manner. There are many different types of monitoring, including financial monitoring, process monitoring and impact monitoring.

What are the four forms of monitoring?

We describe and label four types of monitoring—surveillance, implementation, effectiveness, and ecological effects—that are designed to answer very different questions and achieve very different goals.

What is monitoring of a project?

Monitoring is a periodically recurring task already beginning in the planning stage of a project or programme. Monitoring allows results, processes and experiences to be documented and used as a basis to steer decision-making and learning processes. Monitoring is checking progress against plans.

What is project Monitoring and example?

Project Monitoring refers to the process of keeping track of all project-related metrics including team performance and task duration, identifying potential problems and taking corrective actions necessary to ensure that the project is within scope, on budget and meets the specified deadlines.

What are the examples of monitoring?

The Periodic tracking (for example, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually) of any activity’s progress by systematically gathering and analyzing data and information is called Monitoring.

What are the monitoring methods?

Here are some basic monitoring techniques you might use:

  • observation.
  • talking with people.
  • monitoring work performance and output.
  • monitoring absenteeism and staff turnover.
  • employee surveys (before, during and after the change)
  • baseline measuring before and after the change.
  • benchmarking with other work units.

What are the three main types of monitors?

Are there only three main types of monitors for computers?

  • CRT – Cathode Ray Tube.
  • LCD – Liquid Crystal Display.
  • LED – Light Emitting Diodes.

What is monitoring-types of monitoring, process monitoring?

Process monitoring informs management and a donor about the actual implementation of project activities in the field. At the same time process monitoring let the project staff on ground know how well they implements the project and what improvement they can bring to the work they are doing in field.

When to include project monitoring in project management?

Project monitoring is an important component of the project management cycle. It is one of the key ingredients in the success of the project. The project monitoring component must be included during the project initiation phase.

What are the different types of monitoring lights?

Traffic lights (Green, Amber, and Green) are usually applied for rating findings from the monitoring visits. The lights are explained below: Every project has set output targets to be achieved. One of the key functions of any robust M&E system is to capture progress against those output targets.

Which is the best monitoring and control technique?

Monitoring and control techniques There are a range of monitoring and control techniques that can be used by project managers, including: A Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM). This maps, or traces, the project’s requirements to the deliverables.