What are the specs of Samsung ACE S5830?

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What are the specs of Samsung ACE S5830?

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Released 2011, February. 113g, 11.5mm thickness 0.5% 39,208,704 hits 224 Become a fan 3.5″ 320×480 pixels 5MP 480p 278MB RAM Snapdragon S1 1350mAh Li-Ion

Can you root a Samsung Galaxy Ace gt-s5830?

I got to say that rooting this Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 is the easiest root that I have ever done in my entire life. Even noobs can do it eyes closed, I kid you not. If you happen to be holding on to this phone, root it man and install a custom rom right off the bat.

What kind of phone is Samsung Galaxy Ace?

The Samsung GALAXY Ace takes a minimal approach in its design, resulting in a sophisticated mobile that will allure.

How does QuickType work on Samsung Galaxy Ace?

GALAXY Ace features Quicktype by SWYPE, an intelligent interface that connects the dots made by your finger to figure out what you are trying to write. By moving your finger across the keypad from letter to letter in one fluid motion, the mobile senses exactly what you want to say!

What kind of video can the Samsung ACE record?

Update: After a software update, the Galaxy Ace can record VGA videos at 24fps. We’ve updated the camera section of this review with new samples. Here’s what else is going on the Ace’s spec sheet.

How big is the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus?

The Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus (GT-S7500 [L/T/W]) is a later generation of the Samsung Galaxy Ace (S5830), which was released by Samsung in 2011. The phone weighs 115 grams (4.1 oz), has a display size of 3.65 inches and retains the same 320×480 resolution as the original Ace.

What kind of VideoCore does Samsung Galaxy Ace use?

As in the GT-S5830i model, the device uses VideoCore IV which may introduce some improved characteristics but has major issues with games since neither Broadcom nor Samsung shares the source code; 3D games that work in original model might have incompatibilities with GT-S5830i.