What are the rural marketing strategies?

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What are the rural marketing strategies?

Companies must follow the strategy of penetration pricing with the backup of a good quality product to be successful in the rural market. As ‘two for one’ deal and coupons are not very effective marketing tools, it is far better to price the product as low as possible in the first place.

What is rural marketing communication?

Five major elements of communication are advertising, sales promotion, PR, personal selling and direct response media. Each component has a specific task to achieve and the message is greatly enhanced if it is reinforced by other tools in the mix.

What is communication strategy in marketing?

In essence, the definition of a marketing communication strategy is how your business plans on conveying a particular message to your target consumer through different mediums. Let’s break down the three core elements on an integrated strategy: The message: What you want to say. The target: Who are you speaking to.

What are the 4 A’s of rural marketing?

Consequently, in case of rural marketing, the marketing mix has changed from the traditional ‘4 Ps’ to the new ‘4 As’, i.e., affordability, awareness, availability and acceptability. In fact, rural markets have unlocked new fronts for the modern marketers.

What are 4 A’s of rural marketing explain?

In place of the traditional 4P’s model, some of the marketing are adopting the 4A’s model. The 4A’s of rural marketing are Availability, Affordability, Acceptability, Awareness have now been universally accepted as the mantra for success for any product or any business strategy in the rural market.

What are the characteristics of rural marketing?

Top 11 Characteristics of Rural Marketing

  • More Prospective: ADVERTISEMENTS:
  • Size: The rural market in India is vast and scattered, and offers a plethora of opportunities in comparison to the urban sector.
  • Nature:
  • Response to Products:
  • Response to Price:
  • Response to Promotion:
  • Response to Distribution:
  • Predictability:

What are three effective communication strategies?

Strategies for effective verbal communication

  • Focus on the issue, not the person.
  • Be genuine rather than manipulative.
  • Empathize rather than remain detached.
  • Be flexible towards others.
  • Value yourself and your own experiences.
  • Use affirming responses.

What is the four C’s in marketing?

The 4 C’s of marketing, which consist of Consumer wants and needs, Cost, Convenience, and Communication, are arguably much more valuable to the marketing mix than the 4 P’s.

Why do we need a rural marketing strategy?

The regional disparities are many and there is a need for customized communication strategy. While a lot of thrust is being given to the marketing strategies for rural markets, especially distribution and packaging aspects, little is being talked about the specific communication strategies required there.

How are communication techniques used in rural development?

In addition, effective communication with predominantly illiterate farmers was hampered by poor training in face-to-face communication techniques. Against this background, the use of media could accelerate awareness of, and adoption rates toward, recommended technologies through targeted information, motivational messages and training.

How to do marketing in remote areas?

Businesses in remote areas need marketing strategies tailored to rural areas. One of the best marketing strategies for rural area business is to identify and develop rural talent into the business. They are always in a better position to understand the mindset of their people and then you can work with them easily.

What are the challenges in rural marketing in India?

To devise a strategy for rural communications, companies have to understand the challenges that they face in rural markets.