What are the new routes for Pierce Transit?

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What are the new routes for Pierce Transit?

Route 48 Sheridan-M St On Saturdays, schedules are adjusted. On Sundays, eight trips are added and times are adjusted. Route 52 Fircrest-TCC On Sundays, six trips are added. Route 53 University Place On Sundays, six trips are added. Route 54 S 38th St-Portland Ave On Sundays, 10 trips are added. Route 55 Tacoma Mall On Sundays, 10 trips are added.

Is there a Pierce Transit runner in Lakewood?

Pierce Transit Runner is a new kind of on-demand service that provides first and last mile connections to the Ruston Way waterfront zone. Learn more HERE Pierce Transit’s On-Demand Service between McChord Air Force Base and Lakewood Transit Center. It’s easy to ride!

Where is the Pierce Transit Center in Tacoma WA?

Pierce Transit requests industry comments on its Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project. Pierce Transit in cooperation with the City of Tacoma are inviting Developers to submit a statement of interest in developing the excess land located adjacent to the 72nd Avenue Pierce Transit Center via a long term ground lease.

How did stream bus rapid transit get its name?

The Pierce Transit Board of Commissioners selected Stream as the name for Pierce County’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. Since the name was chosen for an entire BRT system, it will apply to the line planned for Route 1, as well as future Pierce Transit BRT projects on Routes 2, 3, 4 and 402.

Is there a Pierce Transit to Ft Steilacoom?

Effective December 16, Pierce Transit has improved Route 212 weekday service to and from Pierce College at Ft. Steilacoom. Please note the new timetables shown below and on the other side of this rider alert. Notice is hereby given that the Pierce Transit Executive Finance Committee (EFC) meeting of Thursday November 21, 2019, has been cancelled.

When do new Route 497 bus trips begin?

New Trips, New Ways to Get Info! Two new Route 497 bus trips began January 8 to meet the Sounder peak hour commute train service. A public hearing will be held as part of the Board of Commissioners’ Special Study Session meeting on Monday, November 13, 2017 at 3:00 PM.