What are the Metrobus routes in Washington DC?

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What are the Metrobus routes in Washington DC?

Metrobus is committed to maintaining high-quality transit service. To improve quality and reliability, Metro, along with the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), is evaluating bus service along the Mount Pleasant (routes 42 and 43) and Connecticut Avenue (routes L1 and L2) lines.

When do new Metrobus service changes take place?

Metrobus 1 Metrobus Service Changes beginning March 14, 2021. Los cambios en el servico de Metrobus, a partir del domingo, 14 de marzo de 2021. 2 King Street-Old Town Metro Access Improvement Project. 3 Arlington County Bus Stop Consolidation and Accessibility Improvement Project. 4 Transit Centers.

How many trips does Metrobus make a day?

Metrobus provides more than 400,000 trips each weekday serving 11,500 bus stops in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Metrobus is the sixth busiest bus agency in the United States, with a fleet of more than 1,500 buses operating on 325 routes. Thank you for your feedback.

Where are the bus terminals in Washington DC?

The DC Historic Bus Terminals Project will fully rehabilitate the terminals at Chevy Chase, Colorado Ave, and Calvert Street while maintaining the historic integrity of the buildings.

Are there any holidays on the Metrobus schedule?

On four Federal holidays, Columbus Day, Veterans’ Day, Martin L. King Day, and Presidents’ Day, Metrobus will run on a Saturday supplemental schedule. On these holidays, the supplemental trips will operate in addition to the regular Saturday trips.

What are the route codes for the DC Circulator?

Route Codes 1 RS-DP: Dupont Circle — Rosslyn — Georgetown — Rosslyn 2 GT-US: Georgetown — Union Station 3 EM-LP: Eastern Market — L’Enfant Plaza 4 WP-AM: Woodley Park — Adams Morgan — McPherson Square Metro 5 CH-US: Congress Heights — Union Station 6 NM: National Mall Route

Which is better AC or DC BUS choke?

The DC bus choke (green) reduces the 5th and 7th harmonics (H5 and H7) better than the AC line reactor (blue) and provides better total harmonic distortion (THD). In some applications, it can be beneficial to use both a DC bus choke and an AC line reactor for higher overall impedance and better harmonic mitigation.

Where are the DC BUS chokes located in the rectifier?

DC bus chokes are installed between the input diodes of the rectifier and the DC bus link. In this diagram, there are two DC bus chokes: one on the positive bus and one on the negative bus.