What are the macros for restoration shaman in Wow?

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What are the macros for restoration shaman in Wow?

If you were looking for WoW Classic content, please refer to our Classic Shaman addons and macros. 1. Restoration Macros 2. Addons for Restoration Shaman 3. Restoration Weak Auras 1. 1.1. This macro will stop your current cast and cast Wind Shear on your focus if available, otherwise it will be cast on your target. 1.2.

Is there a simple 4 totem macro for Wow?

Simple 4 Totem macro? – Shaman – Wowhead Forums Simple 4 Totem macro? This topic is locked. You cannot post a reply.

Why do you need a shaman macro to heal a pet?

Without having a bind to target pets, it’s annoying to heal pets because of how difficult it can be to target them due to their small frame on your raid frames. Using this macro makes it so that you can quickly and easily heal a pet whenever you need to.

What do shamans do in World of Warcraft?

Nuke, shock and heal – Shamans do it all awesome. Shamans are strong on the battlefield and in the dungeon, regardless if you like PVP or PVE you will need lots of macros to help tame the broad spell lists Shamans have at their disposal. This shaman wow macro will set your focus to your mouseover target and cast Bind Elemental on that target.

Is there a PvP guide for Resto shaman?

This guide is meant to serve as a basic PvP guide for Resto Shaman beginners, not an exhaustive compendium on PvP/Arena strategies and team compositions, although I will touch on those subjects briefly.

What is the GCD cap for Resto shaman?

Haste Raiting – Spell Haste reduces the global cooldown to as little as 1 second. No amount of haste including Bloodlust/Heroism will lower the global cooldown below 1 second. The soft haste and GCD cap for Resto Shaman is 1269 haste rating (38.7%).

What are the numbers in the shaman macro?

For example, if you’re trying to set the macro to use a mount that is in the 3rd spot, on the 4th page, it would be number 39. The first number is your ground mount, and the second number in the macro is the flying mount.