What are the characteristics of the Songhai?

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What are the characteristics of the Songhai?

The Songhai culture became a blend of traditional West African beliefs and the religion of Islam. Daily life was often ruled by traditions and local customs, but the law of the land was based on Islam. The slave trade became an important part of the Songhai Empire.

What did the Songhai wear?

It consists of draw-string trousers, a long-sleeved loose-fitting shirt with an open neck, and a boubou (long, full robe). Most Songhay women rarely, if ever, wear Western clothing. They wear long wrap-around skirts (pagnes) and matching tops.

What was society like in Songhai?

Songhai society traditionally was highly structured, comprising a king and nobility, free commoners, artisans, griots (bards and chroniclers), and slaves. Marriage could be polygynous, cross cousins being preferred partners. Descent and succession are patrilineal.

What is Mali’s climate?

Climate. Mali lies within the intertropical zone and has a hot, dry climate, with the sun near its zenith throughout most of the year. In general, there are two distinct seasons, dry and wet.

What is Songhai known for?

The Songhai Empire (also transliterated as Songhay) was a state that dominated the western Sahel/Sudan in the 15th and 16th century. At its peak, it was one of the largest states in African history. The state is known by its historiographical name, derived from its leading ethnic group and ruling elite, the Songhai.

What is Songhai famous for?

What was the geography of the Songhai Empire?

Geography. The Songhai Empire is located in the West African Empire, A.D. 1500. It is also on the Niger River near Gao. Rainforest, Niger River, Sahara Desert, and the grasses of the Savanna are some of the landforms found on the Songhai Empire. Songhai’s climate from May to October is hot and wet.

What’s the weather like in Songhai in October?

Songhai’s climate from May to October is hot and wet. The climate from November to February is cold and dry.

Are there any other kingdoms similar to Songhai?

T wo of the other kingdoms that were alive just a couple years after the begging of the Songhai kingdom which were the Mali and Ghana kingdoms had begun their empire/civilization in upper Africa just like Songhai had done, but the other kingdoms started more to the west of the Songhai kingdoms territory.

When did Songhai become the leading power in West Africa?

Songhai became independent of Mali, and rivalled it as the leading power in West Africa. The Songhai had settled on both banks of the middle Niger River. They established a state in the 15th century, which unified a large part of the western Sudan and developed into a brilliant civilisation.