What are enterprise architecture standards?

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What are enterprise architecture standards?

Enterprise architecture is a discipline that uses and promotes a wide range of standards. addresses the creation, analysis and sustainment of architectures of systems through the use of architecture descriptions. A conceptual model of architecture description is established.

What are the enterprise architecture fundamental guidelines?

Enterprise architecture principles are a set of guidelines to be applied to increase the consistency and quality of technology decision making. They describe the big picture of the enterprise within the context of its technology intent and impact on the institution.

What are enterprise standards?

The Enterprise Standards are the result of years of international academic research and industry expert consensus on repeatable patterns that can be reused and replicated. The Enterprise Standards are packaged as ‘Reference Content’, and is both agnostic and vendor neutral.

What are the 4 domains of Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise architecture applies architecture principles and practices to guide organizations through the alignment of these architecture domains: business, information, process, and technology.

What are the three principles of architecture?

Writing near the end of the first century B.C.E., Roman architect Vitruvius Pollio identified three elements necessary for a well-designed building: firmitas, utilitas, and venustas. Firmness or physical strength secured the building’s structural integrity.

What is enterprise architecture diagram?

An Enterprise Architecture Diagram is a conceptual structure diagram that forms a compact classification scheme of types of architectures in a single schematic overview. It contains information about concepts that together create an architecture or are part of an architecture.

What are the key components of enterprise systems architecture?

The enterprise architecture model comprises five architectural components: Organizational Architecture, Business Architecture, Information Architecture, Application Architecture, and Technological Architecture.

What is technology architecture?

Technology architecture associates application components from application architecture with technology components representing software and hardware components. Its components are generally acquired in the marketplace and can be assembled and configured to constitute the enterprise’s technological infrastructure.

What is the architecture of an application?

An application architecture describes the patterns and techniques used to design and build an application. The architecture gives you a roadmap and best practices to follow when building an application, so that you end up with a well-structured app. Software design patterns can help you to build an application.

What do all enterprise architecture models have in common?

It contains all the needed pieces for a powerful framework. It has a common vocabulary to use, recommended standards and compliance methods, suggested software and tools, and even a method to define best practices.

What are the disadvantages of enterprise architecture?

Disadvantages of standard enterprise architecture include the concept that architecture must guide rather than dictate. The architecture process must seen as a “fit” for the employees and customers of American Express. It should be value to projects and be accepted on its own merits.

Is enterprise architecture suitable for small businesses?

Enterprise Architecture for Small Companies/Businesses The concept of Enterprise Architecture (EA) is considered a default/mandatory solution for big companies, those which can afford the required human and financial resources to use it, but, at the same time can be very beneficial if it is used for SMBs.

What is the role of the Enterprise Architect?

Enterprise Architect role description: Prepares EA business case, exposes benefits and drivers, financial merits Presents, justifies communicates to all stakeholders in business and IT Specifies EA framework, best practices and tools Establishes architecture, design and technology principles and guidelines Participates in EA design and development Coordinates works done by domain architects

What skills are specific to Enterprise Architect role?

An Enterprise Architect has to have many different skills. These can be EA related skills like IT portfolio management , management related skills like communication skills and leadership as well as operational IT skills which are needed to accompany IT projects [Kel11].