Was the P-39 a good plane?

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Was the P-39 a good plane?

The P-39 Airacobra may be the least loved American fighter plane of World War II, deemed inadequate by military planners at the outset of hostilities and written off as nearly useless by many historians. It would only take a single direct hit to down an enemy airplane, and the P-39 also carried two additional .

How good is P-39?

The comparatively low-speed, low-altitude nature of most air combat on the Eastern Front suited the P-39’s strengths: sturdy construction, reliable radio gear, and adequate firepower. Soviet pilots appreciated the cannon-armed P-39 primarily for its air-to-air capability.

Why did the Soviets like the P-39?

The Soviet attitude to the P-39 was radically different. In air battles on the Eastern Front, typically at low and medium altitude, it was indispensable. The unusual design, with the engine located behind the cockpit, gave the aircraft excellent speed, maneuverability, aerodynamics, and visibility.

Did Russia have an Air Force in ww2?

The Soviet Air Forces (Russian: Военно-воздушные силы, tr. The Air Forces were formed from components of the Imperial Russian Air Service in 1917, and faced their greatest test during World War II. The groups were also involved in the Korean War, and dissolved along with the Soviet Union itself in 1991–92.

Was the p38 a good fighter?

Despite its flaws, the P-38 was a rare early example of a successful “heavy” fighter boasting speed, range and firepower—similar to modern multi-role fighters like the F-15 and Su-27.

Where was Bell Airacobra built?

Buffalo, New York
Woods envisioned the large space under the cannon as a place to store the retractable nosewheel and the Airacobra became the first Air Corps single-engine airplane with a tricycle landing gear. Bell built the XP-39, U. S. Army Air Corps serial number 38-326, at its plant in Buffalo, New York.

What was the most produced tank for the Axis forces?

The Sherman tank was the most commonly used American tank in World War II. More than 50,000 Shermans were produced between 1942 and 1945.

What is Russian air force called?

The Russian Air Force (Russian: Военно-воздушные силы России, tr. Voyenno-vozdushnye sily Rossii, VVS) is a branch of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the latter being formed on 1 August 2015 with the merging of the Russian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces.

Why did the P-38 fail in Europe?

The P-38 performed usefully but suffered from a number of problems. Its Allison engines consistently threw rods, swallowed valves and fouled plugs, while their intercoolers often ruptured under sustained high boost and turbocharger regulators froze, sometimes causing catastrophic failures.

Where was the P-39 Airacobra fighter plane made?

Depending on the source cited, eventually anywhere from 4,423 to 4,750 P-39s were transferred to the Soviet Union, so that nation received roughly half of the 9,585 Airacobras built. And the P-39 comprised approximately one-third of all the Lend-Lease planes received by that nation.

What was the Bell P-39 used for in World War 2?

The Bell P-39 Airacobra was one of the principal American fighter aircraft in service when the United States entered World War II. The P-39 was used by the Soviet Air Force, and enabled individual Soviet pilots to collect the highest number of kills attributed to any U.S. fighter type flown by any air force in any conflict.

What was the top speed of the Bell P-39 Airacobra?

Later testing of a standard production P-400 by the British Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment (A&AEE) revealed a top speed of only 359 mph (578 km/h). [43] The British export models were renamed ” Airacobra ” in 1941.

Where did Bud Anderson fly the Bell P-39?

Bud Anderson first flew the P-39 in late 1942, from Hamilton Field in Novato California while training with the 328th Fighter Group. As he relates in To Fly and Fight: It was a good-looking airplane. If looks counted for anything, it would have been a great airplane.