Was Shawshank Redemption filmed at Ohio State Reformatory?

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Was Shawshank Redemption filmed at Ohio State Reformatory?

The Ohio State Reformatory starred in the movie as Maine’s fictional Shawshank State Prison. Do time in the Shawshank Museum: five rooms of props, costumes, set pieces, and other treasures from the film. Also see the safe in Warden Norton’s office, Red’s Parole Board room, Andy’s escape tunnels, and more.

Did anyone ever escape from the Ohio State Reformatory?

The planned escape was never carried out, snuffed by an alert corrections officer before it came to pass. No inmates were ever charged in the elaborate plan. A “Shawshank Redemption” movie scene from the prison yard at the former Ohio State Reformatory, starring Morgan Freeman and Timothy Robbins.

What happened at the Ohio State Reformatory?

But the bloodiest single incident in the old prison’s history occurred outside it’s walls. In July 1948, when the Reformatory’s farm boss, his wife and daughter were kidnapped and shot to death by two parolees bent on revenge.

Is the Mansfield Reformatory scary?

The Ohio State Reformatory – better known as the Mansfield Reformatory or “Shawshank Prison” – has been labeled as the most haunted location in the entire state.

How much does it cost to tour the Mansfield Reformatory?

Tickets & Admission

Adult (18 & up) $25 $35
Students (ages 7-17) $23 $33
Seniors (ages 55+) $23 $33
College ID/Military $23 $33

Is Shawshank true story?

No, it’s not a true story. Before the director Frank Darabont got his numerous awards and role as the producer of shows like Mob City and The Walking dead, he was simply yet another broke producer.

What year was Mansfield Reformatory built?

Ohio State Reformatory/Years built

Here’s a quick Mansfield Reformatory History sheet. A Gothic prison born of hope in Mansfield, Ohio. Was completed from 1886 to 1910. Construction that took years to build up the massive cell blocks.

What movies were filmed at the Ohio State Reformatory?


  • Horror/thriller filmed almost entirely at the Ohio State Reformatory.
  • Scenes from “Air Force One” and the scene shot at the Reformatory.
  • “This is the New Sound” by Anti-Flag (2012)
  • “If You Had A Heart” by Christy Angeletti (2011)
  • “Relentless Chaos” by Miss May I (2010)
  • “Smokahontas” by Attack Attack! (

Is the Mansfield Reformatory heated?

Its an old stone building. Parts of it would be heated, but not all. over a year ago. 4 Answers Is it necessary to purchase tickets beforehand?

How much is the Mansfield Reformatory?

How long does it take to tour the Mansfield Reformatory?

The tour route is about 1.2 miles long and takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to complete. Please take into account that the facility undergoes restoration and maintenance on a regular basis.

What to do at Ohio State Reformatory Shawshank Redemption?

Enjoy a life-changing experience at The Ohio State Reformatory—where you’ll find that hope really is a good thing, maybe the best of things. As you walk where the actors walked, you can recreate moments from the film. And take a guided tour to hear behind-the-scenes stories about the making of “the world’s favorite movie.”

Where does The Shawshank Trail begin in Ohio?

Historic Ohio State Reformatory Y our Shawshank Trail begins at the famous Historic Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio. This building is one of the top five castle resembling structures in the country! The Reformatory is home to the world’s tallest freestanding steel cell block, consisting of six tiers, 12 ranges, and 600 cells.

What was the name of the prison in Shawshank Redemption?

The Ohio State Reformatory was used as the fictional Shawshank Prison in New England in the movie. Make sure to take the Hollywood Tour at the Reformatory. The warden’s office, Brooks’ hotel room, the parole board room and even the replica carving on the ceiling that reads, “Brooks was here.

How big is the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield?

General Scoop & History: With the cornerstone laid in 1886, this castle-like prison was designed as a reformatory for young offenders. One of the top five largest castle-like structures in the USA, the Reformatory houses the world’s tallest free-standing steel cell block (6 tiers; 12 ranges, 600 cells).