The world after capitalism and robotics

2017-11-27 by No Comments

Rates for life without work and the isolation of the elites these are just some of the challenges will have to face the people according to the writer and sociologist Peter Frazee.

In an interview with Fast Company magazine Peter Frase has criticized the denizens of Silicon valley for their inconsistency and tendency to utopian thinking. On the one hand, they want to be successful, have a career and earn money, that is to serve the business, not society. On the other, they believe that they are good to the people.

FRAS also noted that the work should not be the only activity and purpose of human life. People need to form groups along ideological views and to seek a solution to global problems such as climate change and inequality. It is these developments to determine which of the scenarios humanity will live.

An overview of possible developments in the coming years is presented in the book, Frazee “Four scenarios for the future: Life after capitalism.” All four scenarios have one thing in common the phenomenon of total automation. Regardless of which way no matter humanity, robots will accompany him in any case.

One of the scenarios of development of FRAS by the way, a socialist by conviction calls communism. In the Communist world will be characterized by equality and abundance. As an example, quotes FRAS sci-Fi work of Kurt Vonnegut “player piano” and the animated film “wall-e”. The main issue in this utopia is the absence of employment, many people feel unhappy without work as daily routine and social norms will change dramatically.

The second scenario also promises people an abundance, but if you have a hierarchy. The world is ruled by copyright and the software will be provided at the rate of. Robot cleaner will have to pay for each completed action. This future is called, as the interaction with objects will be based on the principle of rent.

Humanity can go the path of “socialism”, the result of which will be equity and the deficit. FRAS this world compares with the world of science fiction Kim Stanley Robinson. People will try to re-establish connection with nature, which caused damage to their ancestors. And finally, the fourth scenario presents a dark dystopia, which is based on inequality and lack of resources. A group of wealthy people will form the elite and live in isolation, and the poor masses will be strictly limited in rights, or in the worst case, destroyed.

According to experts, the main problems of the world of the future can become not only automation and unemployment, but also such seemingly good, as the abundance and low cost. At the same time, the fragmentation of digital services may lead to the complete destruction of the institution of private property. All goods people will rent, paying micro therapy each time they are used. Inequality only worsen. Wide application of artificial intelligence will split the labor market, dividing people into experts and highly qualified cheap labor, the head of the consulting company Capgemini Gender Hermelin.