Squeezing SEO Dry: Tips That Will Work in 2020

2021-10-28 by No Comments

Squeezing SEO Dry: Tips That Will Work in 2020

SEO can be a maddening industry to work in. You spend months perfecting your new strategy and learning all the intricacies of the current search engine paradigm, and then blam! Google updates its algorithms once again. Yesterday your website ranked in the top-10, today it is nowhere to be seen.

Google made 3,200 changes to its algorithms over the last year alone. Nobody knows for sure what these changes are. Nobody knows what will change tomorrow. However, there are unmistakable trends that allow one move with the current and sometimes even ahead of it. Today we will talk about some of the things you can do to prepare for the future.

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Prepare to the rise of voice search

Remember mobile revolution and how it changed SEO and the Internet in general? It seems that we are about to face another paradigm shift, this time caused by the ever-growing share of voice search. By the beginning of 2020, 50 percent of all searches are projected to be voice-based, and this share is only going to grow as the time goes on. In other words, in the nearest future we are likely to see a fundamental change in how searches are made and how search results are formed. Some of the things you can do to prepare are:

  • Long-tail keywords. This is the way human beings speak, and it is going to get more important as voice search gets more prominent;
  • Featured snippets. 70 percent of voice search results come from featured snippets. Optimize your content to get into them: make it more concise, provide direct answers to questions, use simpler language.

Get the most out of guest posting

Guest posting has long been considered one of the most effective yet time- and effort-consuming promotional tactics, both in terms of direct exposure and SEO. In 2020, its importance is only going to grow, and you should be ready to be even more attentive to where you publish your guest posts and try even harder to get the most out of each post you manage to land. You may try to do it all manually, but looking for promising blogs, pitching your posts, discussing the details, writing new posts can take much more time and resources than most small business owners are ready to spare. According to Luckyposting, a well-known guest posting agency, you can reap most of the benefits without making guest blogging one of your core activities by delegating this job to professionals – they already have connections with websites ready to publish guest posts and do not have to spend as much time to pitch individual posts.

Integrate SEO, social media and content marketing

These three tools can be encountered in isolation from each other rarer and rarer. In 2020, all your promotional efforts are expected to happen in synchrony across all channels. Do not just try to create high-quality content – consult your SEO team or an independent SEO specialist on what your potential clients are likely to look for, and optimize your new and old content to meet these demands. Use social media to promote this content. Share it with your clients and followers. Motivate other people to do the same.

Focus on local SEO

People often take the idea of the World Wide Web a bit too literally. 46 percent of Google searches are local. People are more and more concerned with using the Internet to look for something that is relevant only for the place they are currently in. If you want to succeed in 2020, you have to capitalize on that.

The most important thing about it is optimizing Google My Business listing. Look for what your competitors rank for, use Google autocomplete and other features to find out what keywords people tend to use when looking for something you can help them with.

2020 is going to bring new challenges and new opportunities. Use the local agencies that could help you work on SEO for your site. These firms can help with search engine proposal for your website. Changes to search engine optimization are just a small part of what you will have to contend with – but if you manage to prepare carefully to the most likely trends in this sphere, you will be well equipped to deal with most challenges the new year is likely to throw your way!