Is there way to customize size of UITableView?

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Is there way to customize size of UITableView?

For a long time, a big challenge for iOS developers was custom heights and sizes for UITableView and also UICollectionView Cells. There were ways to achieve this such as ‘ Auto Layout ’, but they were ‘hacky’ and not fully implemented.

What is the system added constraint for UITableView?

If you check the debug logs, it should include a system-added constraint called UIView-Encapsulated-Layout-Height and other constraints removed by the system. The solution is to set such constraints to a lesser priority, like 999. In this case, we’ve set the imageView height constraint to this priority, hence the dotted line around it.

How to embed uitableviewcontroller in a storyboard?

Then click and drag a UITableViewController from the object library onto the storyboard and change it into an instance of TableViewController. Embed this view controller in a UINavigationController by selecting the TableViewController scene and choosing Editor -> Embed In -> Navigation Controller.

How does table view figure out cell size in iOS 8?

The second line changes the rowHeight property to UITableViewAutomaticDimension, which is the default row height in iOS 8. In other words, you tell table view to figure out the cell size based on other information. If you test the app, the cell is still not resized.

How to make auto layout work on uitableviewcell?

The trick to get Auto Layout working on a UITableViewCell is to ensure that you have constraints to pin each subview on all sides — that is, each subview should have leading, top, trailing and bottom constraints. Then, the intrinsic height of the subviews will be used to dictate the height of each cell. You’ll do this now.

Can you increase the height of table view cells?

Each piece of information and image will be a different size, so you can’t just increase the table view cell height and call it a wrap. Your cell heights will need to be dynamic, based on the content of each cell. You’ll start by implementing the dynamic cell heights in AuteurListViewController.