Is there a bookstore at New York University?

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Is there a bookstore at New York University?

Bookstore and Computer Store NYU Bookstores is the official bookstore serving New York University students, faculty, staff, administrators, and campus visitors. NYU works with Follett Higher Education Corporation to provide course materials, school supplies, stationery, NYU clothing & gifts, general trade books, and more.

Are there any athletic facilities at New York University?

NYU offers three athletic facilities open to all students: If you are interested in trying out for one of NYU’s varsity teams, you must fill out a recruit questionnaire for that team. You may also email the coach for more information.

Where can I find NYU club sports coaches?

You may also email the coach for more information. Coaches are listed on each team’s page on or can be found in the NYU Athletics Staff Directory. NYU has 24 club sports teams ranging from Ice Hockey to Ballroom Dance.

How many students play club sports at NYU?

Last year, more than 1,250 students participated in intercollegiate club sport teams, 20% of whom were graduate students. If you are interested in organizing a new club sport, review the Club Sports Handbook available online. Visit the Club Sports homepage on for more information.

Do you have to buy books ahead of time at NYU?

At NYU Prague, students are not required to purchase any of their books in the US ahead of time.

Where can I buy textbooks for NYU Florence?

The majority of courses at NYU Florence rely solely on digital materials made available by faculty through course sites and electronic resources available through the NYU Library. For those courses requiring hard copy textbooks, these are available for loan in the library or for purchase at two bookstores in downtown Florence.

Where can I buy textbooks for NYU Abu Dhabi?

Students will be able to pick up their textbooks and course materials from the bookstore at NYU Abu Dhabi during the orientation period, and on the first day of classes. Students will be notified if they have to purchase texts for their courses prior to their departure.