Is the Yamaha XT660X a competition bike?

2019-10-16 by No Comments

Is the Yamaha XT660X a competition bike?

While stressing the Yamaha XT660X is no competition machine, the men at Yamaha are also at pains to portray it as an urban weapon of the highest order. A glance through the press pack confirms this, with mean and moody urban action shots of riders backing the bike into corners, fully sideways and cool as you like.

Is the fuel injection on a Yamaha XT660 good?

The Yamaha XT660’s fuel injection is very snatchy, spoiling the low speed performance with a strange surging that has no place in the modern biking world. This can be ridden around and is helped by keeping the chain at the correct tension as too much slack exacerbates the effect.

What’s the compression ratio on a Yamaha XT 660x?

Yamaha have produced liquid-cooled 660cc singles for some years in a variety of models. In XT660X guise the compression is bumped up to 10.0:1 from the previous XTZ660s 9.2:1. Continuing with the performance theme the new bike benefits from a much changed cylinder head.

Is the new KTM XT660R an off road car?

Seen in that light, the new XT660R emerges, at least initially, as the (still) more off-road oriented of the current DP crop. Yes, today’s real macho men ride KTM Adventures or XR650Rs, but these are full-on desert racers with very little disposition for everyday road work.

Is the XTX a good bike to ride?

The XTX is a cool looking bike that’ll raise a smile every time you ride it, but can also cope with everything the urban rider could ask for and more in the shape of B-road antics and moderate motorway blats Just enough supermoto attitude without the pain, perfectly natural riding position offers good traffic observation

Is the Yamaha Sidewinder X-TX se a mountain bike?

The 2017 Yamaha Sidewinder X-TX SE is blisteringly fast. For a machine whose roots lie in the mountain category, Yamaha Sidewinder X-TX SE owners will have good days on the trail behind the handlebars of these machines.

How big is the track on a Yamaha Nytro XTX?

The secret to the FX Nytro XTX is in the combination of front and rear suspensions and the 144” track length on tipped up rails. Don’t get excited at the 144” length. SnowTech test riders found this package to act way shorter than the number 144” would indicate, at least on packed trails.

How big is the brake disc on a Yamaha XT660R?

As for stopping power, the Yamaha XT660R braking system includes Single disc. Hydraulic size 298 mm (11.7 inches) at the front and Single disc. Hydraulic size 245 mm (9.6 inches) at the back. 875 mm (34.4 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.

How tall is the Visordown XT660X mountain bike?

Climb aboard the XTX and you’ll find it’s pretty tall, thanks to the raised ride height over the XTR that was lofty enough as it was. No problem if you’re over six foot, but Stephané Chambon lookalikes may want a stepladder. Once onboard, the riding position is perfectly natural and a welcome respite from sportsbike backache.

What was the first thing I did with the XTX?

In my case, being in Sydney, the first thing was a series of urban back roads that wound their way up the sloping hillside away from the base of the Harbour Bridge and the XTX dispatched these perfectly.