Is the P-83 Wanad a Makarov pistol?

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Is the P-83 Wanad a Makarov pistol?

Recoil metrics aside, the P-83 is a pretty straightforward pistol that borrows heavily from the Makarov—so much so that Makarov magazine can be modified to function in the P-83, but unfortunately not the other way around. This is due to the loading assist peg protruding from from the magazine’s witness slot.

How much does a SIG Sauer P938 cost?

Sig Sauer P938 Two-Tone 9mm Centerfire Pistol with Sig Laser $1,012.95 $599.99

Is the P-83 Wanad pistol a beater gun?

Still, the P-83 is a solid pistol that if purchased cheaply enough, can be used a beater gun without worrying about ruining a rare piece of history. In that way, it’s somewhat similar to a Hi-Point pistol—but unlike the Hi-Point, the P-83 was built for military use and can tolerate much more abuse.

What’s the accuracy of a p 83 Wanad?

In testing, the P-83 produced groups hovering around two inches when fired from a rest at 25 yards. Its fixed barrel lends itself to phenomenal accuracy. During this test, the P-83 experienced no malfunctions across 250 rounds of ammo from two different magazine.

Is the Polish P-64 9x18mm Makarov all steel?

The 9x18mm Polish P-64 pistol then hit the market and sold very well. Just like the Makarov, CZ 82 and Walther PPK it is an all steel DA/SA auto. The P-64 is chambered in the Cold War favorite handgun cartridge, 9×18 Makarov, and in size and appearance it reminds me quite a bit of the Walther PPK.

Is the P-83 still in use in Poland?

The P-83 succeeded the P-64 as the sidearm for the Polish Army and police. The P-83 is still in limited use by both the Polish police and the Polish military but it has been mostly replaced by Glock 19 pistols in Police service and partially by the indigenous WIST 94 pistol in the Polish military.

What’s the serial number on a Polish Makarov?

It is a very flat gun, about an inch thick at the widest part, the black plastic grips. The slide is thinner than that. 1975 is stamped into my sample pistol’s slide, so being a trained detective I’m going to guess that is the year it was made. The pistol’s serial number is on the slide and frame on the right side of the gun.