Is Sensi Star indica or sativa?

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Is Sensi Star indica or sativa?

Sensi Star is a legendary, award-winning indica strain bred by Dutch cannabis industry pioneers Paradise Seeds. With chunky, high THC buds and a gassy lemon and pepper aroma, Sensi Star has earned recognition as one of the world’s great cannabis cultivars.

What is the lineage of Sensi Star?

Sensi Star is a mid-’90s creation from Paradise Seeds in Amsterdam. Its exact lineage remains a mystery, though Paradise has revealed that the strain’s genetics lean heavily toward its Afghan heritage.

What strain is critical Sensi Star?

Critical Sensi Star is an indica-dominant hybrid that offers a bold fruity aroma and thoroughly relaxing effects. Created by prolific breeders Delicious Seeds, this strain is a cross between Paradise Seeds’ legendary Sensi Star and the indica Critical Mass.

How do you pronounce Sensi Star?

Sensi Star – do you pronounce “sen-see” or “sen-sei”? Either way, this evening cultivar pops up in the roster of several licensed producers. Admittedly, it’s not surprising: Sensi Star has a high THC potential and relatively rapid growth. It is best suited for outdoor cultivation.

What strain is Gorilla Glue gelato?

Gelato Glue which also goes by Gorilla Gelato Glue, is an indica cannabis strain that’s considered potent by today’s standards with an average THC level of 28%. Reviewers enjoy this strain’s reputed ability to first relax the body and mind before easing into a happy and creative state of mind.

What strain is honey banana?

Honey Bananas from Elemental Seeds is a heavy-handed hybrid strain bred from Strawberry Banana and Honey Boo Boo. This cannabis strain earns its name with a resinous coat as sticky as honey and an unmistakable banana aroma.

What strain is monkey glue?

This Sativa-dominant Hybrid strain, in dried flower form, has a medium THC content and may contain CBD. It may create a feeling of euphoria and produce relaxing sensations. Its naturally occurring terpenes emit earthy and lemony aromas.