Is Rocky Patel a good brand?

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Is Rocky Patel a good brand?

Rocky Patel is one of the worlds most popular cigar lines and offers a large variety. The vintage line has been one we liked over the years and the Nicaraguan blends tend to my my personal favorite. This nice thing about the variety is that there tends to be something for everyone.

Who makes Edge cigars?

Rocky Patel’s
The Edge is one of Rocky Patel’s best-selling cigars. Handmade in Honduras, these spice-bombs feature a rich, hearty blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers and two luxurious wrapper options. Full-bodied to its very core, The Edge is an easy go-to cigar for full-bodied fanatics.

Are Rocky Patel cigars hand rolled?

Welcome to Tavicusa – Our Nicaraguan Cigar Factory This is TaviCusa – the diminutive yet constantly active habitat where every premium Nicaraguan brand made by Rocky Patel is hand rolled, aged, banded and boxed.

What are maduro cigars?

Maduro simply means dark.” Cigars that are marketed as maduros today tend to have dark brown, black or, in some odd cases, purple-black wrappers reminiscent of eggplants. (The Cuban cigar industry, while it does release very dark cigars, no longer sells any as maduros.)

What is the best Rocky Patel cigar?

  • #1 – Rocky Patel Renaissance. Rocky Patel Renaissance is a 90-rated franchise handmade in Honduras.
  • #2 – Rocky Patel Mulligans.
  • #3 – Rocky Patel Ocean Club.
  • #4 – Rocky Patel The Edge.
  • #5 – Rocky Patel Velvet Edition.
  • #6 – Rocky Patel Decade.
  • #7 – Rocky Patel Short Run Limited Edition.
  • #8 – Rocky Patel Vintage.

Where are Rocky Patel cigars manufactured?

With a portfolio of more than 100 lines, Rocky Patel sells millions of cigars every year. Rocky Patel cigars are produced throughout Central America, from the company’s factory in Nicaragua to Honduras and even the Dominican Republic.

Who owns Rocky Patel?

Initially run entirely by Rocky Patel, since 2013 the company has been co-managed by his brother Nish Patel, who heads sales and major client relations, and his cousin Nimish Desai, who is head of production. As of 2015, it was based in Bonita Springs.

What nationality is Rocky Patel?

The Indian Tabac Years Although Patel is Indian, the company was named in reference to the Indian Motorcycle brand to whom he paid a royalty for use of the name. The cigars were an instant hit with retailers who clamored for all the product they could get their hands on in the midst of the Cigar Boom.