Is RapidLash any good?

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Is RapidLash any good?

I’ve been using RapidLash on my upper eyelashes for about 7 weeks and I am happy to say that it really does work! My eyelashes are not only longer, fuller and thicker, they feel stronger too. When I put mascara on now, my eyelashes look much longer and fuller than they did before.

Is RapidLash permanent?

A. If applied according to directions, one container of RapidLash should last approximately 2-3 months. Daily applications to upper lash line only will provide a longer yield than if also applied to lower lash line and/or eyebrows. RapidLash has been ophthalmologist-tested and found to be safe and non-irritating.

What are the side effects of RapidLash?

Reported RapidLash Side Effects Some consumers have reported red and irritated eyes as well as headaches. Other reported side effects include eye twitches and dry eyelashes, and eyelash breakage.

Does UK lash eyebrow serum work?

5.0 out of 5 stars Really works!!! Amazing product. It takes a couple of weeks before you see results but this lash serum really works! I had sparse and thin lashes before but thanks to uklash my lashes has grown fuller and so much longer.

How long should you use RapidLash?

RapidLash® is applied once a day, before bedtime. How long does it take to see an improvement in the appearance of my lashes? Our efficacy tests have shown an improvement in the appearance of eyelashes in as little as 4 weeks. It is recommended to continue using RapidLash® for 8 weeks for best results.

How quickly does RapidLash work?

Is lash worth it UK?

Amazing lash serum I’m on my second bottle and I’ll continue to buy it. It’s definitely worth the money. You have to give it a little time to work and not expect miracle results instantly, but if you stick with it and use it every night then you’ll see results in about 6 weeks.

Can you use UK lash on lower lashes?

However we recommend using our UkBrow Eyebrow Serum for optimal results on brows. Please make sure that your eyebrows are free from any oil, dirt or make-up before applying. Can I use UKLASH on my lower lashes? Uklash should not be applied directly to the lower lash line.

Can you use RapidLash twice a day?

Does using RapidLash® twice a day get faster results? No. RapidLash® is designed to deliver fuller-looking and healthier appearance of lashes with just a once a day application and additional daily applications are neither necessary nor recommended.

Does RapidLash work as well as Latisse?

And based on how often I have to pluck my eyebrows now, it may work a little too well… I think the Latisse definitely produced the longer lashes, but only by a hair 😉 The RapidLash lashes look darker and glossier as I thought they might, but they also look longer and more curled, and my brows are so much fuller!

Is RapidLash the same as Latisse?

RapidLash contains Hexatein 1 Complex which is made up of peptides, biotin, panthenol, amino acids, soybean oil & pumpkin seed extract. Latisse contains Bimatoprost, an FDA approved drug that’s available by prescription only.

What are the products in the rapidlash line?

Today, RapidLash continues to see success with brand line extension that includes RapidBrow®, RapidShield®, RapidHair®, RapidRenew®, RapidEye® and RapidGlam! Will you take a look at this! We’re giving away this incredible gift package — valued at $680 and overflowing with some incredibly popular products, including so many of your favorite things.

Why do you need to use rapidlash eyelash serum?

RapidLash® helps to fight damaging environmental elements and premature fallout by nourishing and strengthening lashes. Give your lashes a daily dose of essential proteins and vitamins with this lash serum for longer-looking and enviable flutter! Introducing the World’s Mascserum!

How many tubes of rapidlash have been sold?

With over 6 million RapidLash® tubes sold and numerous awards won for RapidLash®, RapidBrow® and RapidRenew® we bring to you our growing line of RapidLash® products. Products are automatically delivered on your schedule. No obligation, modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

Where did the brand rapidlash lashes come from?

A brand created by International Research Laboratories in sunny California. From idea to development, YOU were a part of every step and decision. Women everywhere wanted the easy and simple solution to enhance their natural lashes.