Is Lichdom: Battlemage fun?

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Is Lichdom: Battlemage fun?

This bloody and violent adventure is a surprisingly fun and different kind of experience for mature action fans. You may not have heard of Lichdom: Battlemage, but it’s a unique and gratifying experience, especially if you’re used to first-person shooters.

How long is Lichdom: Battlemage?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 14 15h 20m
Main + Extras 12 19h 57m
Completionists 3 27h 31m
All PlayStyles 29 18h 30m

Is Lichdom: Battlemage open world?

First of all, Lichdom: Battlemage is an indie game, with no open world features. Also you require a noticeable amount of system resources if you want to play the game with hight visual effects.

How many levels are there in Lichdom: Battlemage?

However, those 20 hours are stretched over just eight levels, and three of them are simply continuations of the previous levels. There’s a lost city level, two ice levels, two desert levels, two swamp levels, and a proper city level.

What is a Spellsword?

A Spellsword: A 50/50 mage warrior who uses light armor, and is almost like a scout, using the best of both worlds and is quick and agile. “Battlemages are wizard-warriors, trained in both lethal spellcasting and heavily armored combat.

What race is best for a battlemage in Skyrim?

The best race for a battlemage in Skyrim is Breton. As with the Spellsword, the race you choose for your Battlemage is really up to personal preference as there are a number of viable options. Another good starter would be an Orc, due to their starting skill bonuses in both Heavy Armor and Two-Handed.

What is Spellsword?

A Spellsword is an enemy in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Similar to the class in Oblivion, Morrowind, and in Daggerfall that bears the same name, these foes are armored mages who employ the use of weapons.